Watch Waje Reveal Difficulty in Juggling Fame and Single Parenthood

Nigerian singer, Waje has revealed that she had to become more aware of her lifestyle the day her daughter saw her come home drunk.

She said this on the Rubbin’ Minds show with Ebuka which was uploaded on Sunday, the 30th of May 2021. The singer said that a good support system is essential for any single parent. When Ebuka asked if it was harder for famous single mothers than single fathers, Waje said she believes so. She also went on to explain that for a long while, the men she dated couldn’t visit her at home because of that. Waje also said she had to check her lifestyle when her daughter once saw her drunk.

A support system is essential but you just embody the role when it comes. I know not everybody does that, but you just have to. Looking at her now, she’s in her final year. I’m just like “wow, na me get this one?

There were some choices I had to make. There were some things I couldn’t do. There were times I would see something that I really want and not be able to get it because the first thing you’re thinking of is your child. Some brands, you can’t even collaborate with because you have to be seen as a family brand, whether you were single or not because you have family. You have a child who looks up to you, so it did affect… Even in my personal life, for a very long time, whoever I was in a relationship with, you cannot even come to my house. You don’t even come to visit…. Parenting is that sacred. Children don’t do what you tell them to do. They do what they see.

The one time my daughter saw me drunk was the reason I had to check myself. It wasn’t a great sight and that was like in 2013. I got home after an event and guess who opened the door for me? It was my daughter and that is nothing that any parent should do. When your child is living with you, there are choices you make.

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