The 5 Things to Do and The 5 Things Not to Do in a Relationship

The 5 Do’s Of Dating

1. Always be true to yourself.
Don’t borrow a car just to impress your date if you don’t own one. If you’re not a bookworm, don’t memorize a book’s plot to act like one. Make your date fall in love with someone you just made up. Your facade will fade, as will your date’s love for the phony.

2. Be interested in and show interest in your date.
Investigate your date’s story further, rather than simply waiting for him or her to finish so you can begin with yours. “Oh really?” you say. “Well, for me…” sends a message along the lines of “Good thing you’re done. “And now for my interesting story.” Ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer, and keep in mind that paraphrasing does the trick of demonstrating that you listened well. Because you’re not in an interview, nothing should be about you.

3. Establish clear boundaries.
How do you approach dating? Dating multiple people at the same time is normal for some people, unless they have agreed to enter the exclusive dating stage, in which they date only one person. Others, on the other hand, feel cheated when they learn that their date is seeing someone else. With these distinctions in mind, you should make this distinction clear.

4. Manage your time well.
Determine how you will get to the meeting location on time. Avoid saying yes to new commitments as much as possible if you’ve already said yes to one. If you know you won’t be able to make it, adjust the time ahead of time. I disagree with a 7 p.m. If you’re leaving the office at that exact time, use that as your meeting time. Wasting your date’s time sends the message that you don’t value him or her.

5. Learn about your date’s preferences.
Everyone has different preferences, so be aware of what you should and should not do on a date. Is it okay with your date if you foot the bill? For some, that’s delightful, but for others, it’s insulting because it implies they can’t afford their own meals. Is it acceptable for you to accompany your date home? It’s fine for some, but it’s an invasion of privacy for others. When in doubt, inquire. You’ll be able to respect your date this way.

The 5 Don’ts Of Dating

1. Don’t be too sure of yourself.
Don’t interpret your date’s actions as signs that he or she likes you. It does not imply that if your date compliments you on something you did, he or she likes you. He or she may genuinely admire what you did. His or her quick response is also not a sign that he or she is madly in love with you. He or she may simply lack the time and resources to do so. When he or she says he or she enjoyed the movie you saw, it could simply be about the movies. Don’t make any snap judgments just yet. Prevent yourself from experiencing unnecessary heartbreak.

2. Don’t broach the subject of your ex or failed dates.
Knowing your ex entails knowing a lot about yourself, but the first date isn’t the right time to broach the subject. It could make your date feel insecure, or it could give the impression that you haven’t moved on and are looking for a rebound. It’s also a no-no to talk about failed dates. Your date might think your expectations are too high, or that you’re simply not good enough.

3. Don’t try too hard to look good.
Wear something presentable and comfortable instead. Wearing a micro mini skirt that requires you to pull it down with every movement is not a good idea. Wearing a polo that is too tight will make it difficult to breathe. It’s more important to get to know your date than it is to fix your wardrobe.

4. Don’t look at your phone.
You don’t want your date to think you’re uninterested in him or her, so checking your phone is the last thing you’ll want to do. If the call is urgent, please excuse yourself, but make sure you return as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you choose to answer the phone in front of your date, be clear about what you’re talking about. Your date won’t realize you’re talking about him or her this way. Remember to explain why the call is so critical that you must answer it right away.

5. Don’t be in a hurry.
Remember that you went on a date to get to know the person and determine whether or not he or she could be your potential partner. Don’t tell your date that you’re willing to marry anyone who agreed to a date. That’s a snub. It’s as if you’re telling your date that you like him or her not because of his or her characteristics, but because you want to get into a relationship with him or her. Yes, you entered the dating game with the intention of settling down, but it’s best to talk about it and bring it up when you’re already in a relationship.

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