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A quick rundown on Dax’s profile and a few things you’d love to know about him: Daniel Nwosu Jr. (Dax) Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family And Education So much is not known about Dax’s personal life as he keeps them away from his media Dax is one of the dedicated artists that we have.

Although he has faced many challenges in his career, he has not given up, but he is still looking forward to making himself a better person. He was also a basketball player and was his passion before he decided to go for his artist career.

he has developed into an A-list Nigerian Canadian rapper, songwriter, basketballer, and Youtuber whose impact spread across the world. Dax is a diligent and hardworking person. Despite the hard times, he underwent while growing up and even when in school, he has used his talent to become wealthy. 

His rap music has brought him global fame as he commands over 1.5 million subscribers. He leads a single happy lifestyle full of fun.

Who is Dax?

Dax is a rapper that is proud to be completely independent. He has amassed a huge YouTube following (over 3 million) and continues to grow, despite his music usually being volatile. His music and the videos he creates are there to open a discourse about everything from religion to politics to culture and the need for change.

Dax’s music and lifestyle.

From the outside looking in, Dax is an extremely positive, optimistic, and motivational music artist who is in the pursuit of chasing his dreams while convincing others to chase theirs. Dax, outside music has also been a source of motivation to many as he combines motivational speaking as part of his career.

The Greatest Rapper Dax Net Worth: 

Dax is a Nigerian Canadian rapper, singer-songwriter, and YouTuber, who has a net worth of $1 million US as of 2022. His real name is Dаnіеl Nwоѕu Јr., better known by his celebrated name Dax. The rapper came to the limelight after dropping his hit singles as She Cheated Again, Killshot Freestyle, and I Want.


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