How to Set Up Visual Studio App for Web Development 2023 - Updates

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Visual Studio Code is the most popular source code editor in the world. It is lightweight but powerful, and it is no doubt my favorite.

I am going to walk you through how to get started and set up VS Code for Web Developers.

If you don't have Visual Studio App installed on your computer, head to to download it. You can open the dropdown to choose the versions you want to download, but usually, the big button should do the work.

VS Code Welcome Tab
Once you have it installed and opened, the first thing you will see is a Welcome tab.

On this Welcome Tab you'll find 5 sections:

Start: You can choose to either create a new file or open a folder.

Recent: You can find any recently opened folders

Help: You can find some handy information. For example, the printable keyboard cheatsheet or a series of introduction videos.

Customize: You can see that you can install settings and keyboard shortcuts from other code editors like Vim or Atom. So in case you are used to using these editors at the moment, you can go ahead and check it out.

Learn: Here you'll find 3 selections. The first selection on the list is Find and run all commands. With this, we can find and run all the available commands. 

The second selection is Interface Overview. 
If we select it, we can see the most common elements on the user interface and we can also see the shortcut to toggle the elements.

The last selection is the Interactive Editor Playground
Here, you can find the highlight features from VS Code with instructions and examples.

For now, with this introduction and setup guide, I am sure that you are ready to start your Web Development Journey.

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