Make every opportunity count (A Must Read)

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If nothing can make you drop that high shoulder and a proud look, this should! Every minute, someone departs from this world.

Yea, it's a known fact that no one leaves this world alive.

We're all in "the line" without even realizing it. We have no idea how many people are in front of us. We have no idea when we'll be the next.

The funniest thing is, no matter how wealthy one is;

√ You cannot pay to switch places— you are unable to bribe just to remain at back of the line.

√You cannot take a detour.

√ You can't get around the line no matter how smart you are.

So, while you're waiting in line;

• Make every opportunity count.

•Set priorities.

•Make an effort to live a fulfilled life.

•Make your talents known.

•Make a nobody feel like he or she is somebody.

•Make your opinions known.

•Make the little things count.

•Make someone happy.

•Make the necessary adjustments.

•Make sure to tell your loved ones that they are appreciated.

• Be prepared.

Make it worth it!

©Oluwatosin Isaac

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