How Healthcare Advertising Ideas to Draw Customers

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Digital communication, whether via smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, is here to stay. This means that

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will be critical to your pharmacy's growth and success in the coming year. In today's blog, we're here to help you with your pharmacy's digital marketing and more.

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How Do You Begin Advertising Your Pharmacy?
Pharmacies that previously relied on more traditional channels are discovering that digital marketing provides unprecedented targeting and reach. Any advertising or marketing conducted through digital channels, from websites and mobile apps to search engines and social media networks, is referred to as digital marketing.
You can meet your patients based on the devices and platforms they use every day, establish an online presence, and market yourself across multiple channels by shifting your focus.

How Can Pharmacies Increase Customer Satisfaction?
Here are a few ideas for attracting digital customers:
  1. Keep a human connection by responding to questions and inquiries.
  2. Sharing photos of your employees and store
  3. Share new content on a regular basis to keep customers engaged.
  4. Emphasize your unique value and promote special offers.
  5. Make it simple for them to find and contact you online (ie: create recognizable and easy-to-remember usernames)

What Makes a Pharmacy Special?
Branding assists you in developing a memorable identity for your

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business, which includes a mission and vision statement as well as a brand story. Pharmacies that stand out also have a distinguishing feature or value proposition. Cost, convenience, location, or specialty products and services are some examples.

While a strong brand and problem-solving solutions can help you stand out, you still need a solid advertising strategy for your pharmacy.
Pharmacy Advertising Concepts

Increase your patient base with the following pharmacy advertising ideas:

Advertise Your Pharmacy on Google My Business
Google My Business (GMB) provides free online profiles to brick-and-mortar businesses to attract local foot traffic, an important part of local search engine optimization (SEO).

Anyone looking for

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can find you by adding your profile to Google Maps and search results pages. Encourage patients to leave reviews on Google for your pharmacy so that their referrals appear on your profile.

Maintain Your Directory Listings
Aside from Google, there are hundreds of local business directory websites. These include search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, as well as Facebook and business listing sites such as YellowPages and the Better Business Bureau.

Include your pharmacy in as many of these as you can. Sites like Moz Local and Yext can help you manage and update your listings in all major directories from a single platform for an annual fee. The more guides you appear in, especially high-traffic ones, the better your local SEO will be.

Each listing should contain you:
  1. Company name and logo
  2. Contact and location information
  3. Website 
  4. hours of operation 
  5. Products and services
  6. Photograph of a storefront

The information provided by each pharmacy should be consistent across all platforms. Similarly, check and update those listings on a regular basis, especially if your hours change or you have seasonal offerings.

Promote Your Pharmacy on Social Media
Facebook is one of the top 10 most-visited websites in the world along with YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Creating and maintaining active social media accounts can thus assist you in building a following and engaging your patient base.

Make the most of your social media presence by doing the following:
  1. Creating accounts on all major platforms in order to claim your company's name and direct people to your website.
  2. Participating on one or two platforms where your patients are likely to spend their time
  3. With regular posts, useful health content, images, and videos, we are focusing on quality and consistency.
  4. Informing patients about upcoming sales or events.

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