How to Turn Your Spotify Artist Profile Into a Virtual Merch Table

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How to Turn Your Spotify Artist Profile Into a Virtual Merch Table

With 365 million global listeners, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service — and that makes it the ultimate place for artists to build their fanbases. 

But fandom is about more than just listening to music; for fans, it means interacting with their favorite artists, nerding out with fellow diehards, singing along to every lyric at shows (whether IRL or virtually), and of course, showing off their dedication with merch.

For artists, that fan support is their lifeblood. That’s why the Spotify for Artists team is focused on developing new tools and resources to help artists turn listeners into fans, fans into superfans, and, ultimately, earn more — not just through music, but also merch, ticketing, tipping, Fans First emails, and more. 

As part of that ongoing effort, we’re happy to announce a new integration with Shopify giving artists even more opportunity to grow additional revenue streams, like merch.

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