5 Health Tips For Fulfilling Sex Life With Your Partner 2023

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5 Health Tips For Fulfilling Sex Life With Your Partner!.

If you're coupled and stuck in a sexual rut, you're not alone. Not feeling attracted is a normal part of any relationship. But it's not consolation for couples experiencing dry times. The more we get used to someone, the less thrilling sex becomes.
Here are tips for fulfilling sex with your partner

1. keep yourself and your partner clean and healthy by taking showers regularly, trimming or shaving pubic hair, Eating a nutritious diet, and exercising regularly. Healthy sex life intersects with your overall physical, emotional, and mental health. People who feel happy and healthy have a positive body image and are likely to be in the mood

2.  Communicate with your partner and share your sexual desires. You need to be open and honest about what your want and your expectations during lovemaking. Don't forget to try new moves.

3.  Understand your partner's expectations, desires, likes, and dislikes not only in terms of their sexual style but what they need to feel loved and appreciated

4.  Avoid comparing your sex life to someone else's, cause it usually doesn't help out. There are no laws when it comes to the right or wrong amount of sex. What matters most is  " if the frequency of sex in your relationship is right for you and your partner." if it isn't please communicate and work together to adjust it.

5. Plan regular check-ups with your doctor to monitor your sexual health and screen for STIs

If you and your partner are having trouble building and maintaining a fulfilling sex life you both may need to do the following:

-Talk to a doctor
- Seek Counseling
-Reach out to a Sex therapist

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