How to Become a Web Designer - Updated

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Who can become a web designer?

To become a web designer, you should study both the creative and technical aspects of creating attractive web pages. Through a college degree program or certificate program, you can learn how to become a web designer and work with all the website's visual components, from color and font to layout.

Build the right skills for web design.
Web designers can benefit from a variety of both technical and workplace skills. You can have an eye for creative web design and learn how to put it to use, gaining or refining these skills.

Technical skills 
The technical skills of web design are the specific design and technical skills needed to create a website. To start, you should experiment with design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator, to acquire design skills. With these tools, you can learn how to combine fonts, colors, patterns, and white space for eye-catching web design. These types of software also help with tasks like photo modification, logo design, and website layouts (called mockups). 

Short for hypertext markup language, HTML is what you'll use to build the structure of a webpage. With this tool, you can learn how to perform these functions and more:
  • Insert headings, lists, tables, spreadsheets, and photos into web page copy
  • Add hypertext links so users can move quickly to another web page
  • Design forms for user interactions like ordering products or making reservations
  • Incorporate applications like video clips and sound clips into web page copy 

As HTML provides structure to your web page, cascading style sheets (CSS) is the computer language that gives it style. With this tool, you can change fonts, adjust color, modify backgrounds, and more.

(JS) is a scripting language used with HTML and CSS to make web pages more interactive. With JavaScript, you can generate and control elements of web pages like photo slideshows, interactive forms, and animated graphics. 

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