Facts About Far From Home - 2023 Movie Review

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Facts About Far From Home

A financially struggling teen finds himself in the world of luxury after a prestigious scholarship sends him to an exclusive school for the one percent.
Starring: Funke Akindele-Bello, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Mike Afolarin
Creators: Chinaza Onuzo, Dami Elebe

Far From Home Episode one introduces us to Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), an ambitious artist who desperately wants to make it despite the obstacle of being part of a low-income family.

An opportunity comes knocking when he is selected to be part of an art program organized by a renowned artist, Essien. Unfortunately, he must pay over a hundred thousand naira to be accepted into the programme.

Meanwhile, Ishaya has been encouraging his sister to pursue her dream of getting a scholarship at Willer academy. Upon noticing his sisters’ disinterest and receiving the shocking revelation that the scholarship comes with a cash prize of $10,000, he decides to apply.

With the help of examination answers illegally obtained, he got into the school and realised that after expenses incurred, he was left with N5,000. Before entering the school, Ishaya had stolen the money used for the scholarship exam from his boss/drug lord, the Government.

On his first day, he meets Carmen, the founder’s granddaughter, and starts developing feelings for her. He also meets Vima and Frank, who soon become his best friends. Things are going pretty great as Ishaya is thriving in the drug business. Trouble once again looms when Ishaya’s ex-girlfriend reaches out, informing him about her run-in with Rambo.

Barely weeks after, Government and his partner, Rambo, visit Ishaya, threatening to kill him and his family. To protect his sister, he proposes to be a drug dealer at Wilmer academy.

Since she owes Rambo a lot of money, she orchestrates a plan with Ishaya to kidnap Frank. After the successful kidnapping, Rambo proposes that they do it again, except this time with Carmen.

Ishaya refuses and turns to the school authorities to help him out of the mess. The government is apprehended, but Rambo escapes.

When it seems like the dust is settling, Rambo returns and unleashes an unexpected rage on Ishaya and his friends. His plans halt when the students defend themselves, and Adufe later betrays him.

At last, we see Ishaya pursue his dream. However, the survival of Rambo and the Government leaves room for a twisted season two.

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