Everything You Should Know About Pair Group This 2023

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The world has been reduced to a global village by the internet and other electronic communication interconnections, breaking the barriers of distance, communication gaps, traveling, etc.
With the internet, we can now make friends, acquaintances, meet business partners, keep in touch with families, fall in love, and other things too numerous to mention.

Pair Group as a group or better still (Family) is a social media-based platform on Facebook with over 56,000  members across the world, making it possible for people of different tribes, religions, and statuses to meet, interact, socialize, and share ideas.

Pair Group was birthed as Break Up and Make Up by Mr. Sorkaa Kelvin Fanen on the 25th of June, 2020.
The group was created to serve as a podium for fun and other social activities but as time went by, the creator had a vision of a bigger and more impactful community. That vision KICK-STARTED with a change of name from Break Up and Make Up to Pair Group, in May 2021.
Pair Group advanced from just fun and social activities online to Pairing members (of the opposite sex) to meet with each other, familiarize themselves, share ideas, and exchange gift(s). The pairing of members is strictly to meet and exchange gift(s). It is in no way intended to promote promiscuity or sexual immorality among members.

Despite the fact that pair group does not promote promiscuity and immorality, in a situation whereby members  who are paired  happens to develop genuine feelings for each other and want to start a healthy relationship, Pair Group will gladly claim the credit of being your point of contact.

The journey that began on the 25th of June, 2020 with the Visionaire Mr. Soorka Kelvin Fanen as the creator and the first member has grown into a community of over 56,000 members within three years and we are just getting into top gear.

The rapid growth of Pair Group inspired the Visionaire to put together a team of Administrators that would help him to steer the affairs of the group effectively as it was becoming too much for him to handle alone.
This team of Administrators have been supportive and instrumental in the growth of the group with ideas, suggestions, and contributions from the Team of Administrators.

Pair Group has been doing more than just pairing members for a gift exchange.

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