Top 7 Lessons Learned From The Book "The One Thing"

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Top 7 lessons learned from the book "The One Thing"

1. Going Small

Going small is ignoring all the things you could do and doing what you should do.
When you go as small as possible, you’ll be staring at ONE THING. And that’s the point.

2. The Domino Effect

The challenge is that life doesn’t line everything up for us and say, “Here’s where you should start.”

Successful people know this. So every day they line up their priorities anew, find the lead domino, and whack away at it until it falls.

3. Prioritization

Prioritization, the 80/20 principle, and the idea of success versus to-do lists all come down to this simple truth:

Not all activities are equally valuable and not all activities bring about the same rewards.

4. Juggling is an Illusion

Despite popular belief, multitasking actually decreases productivity.

Every time you switch from one task to another, you need to “forget” about the previous task and activate the rules of the new task.

5. The Focusing Question

What’s the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

The Focusing Question is the foundational habit I use to achieve extraordinary results and lead a big life.

6. Productivity’s Greatest Power Tool

Time blocking means to block out large pieces of uninterrupted time for specific uses.

Time blocking harnesses your energy and centers it on your most important work. It’s productivity’s greatest power tool.

7. The One Thing

If you try to do everything, you could wind up with nothing. If you try to do just ONE Thing, the right ONE THING, you could wind up with everything you ever wanted.

The ONE THING is real. If you put it to work, it will work.

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