How To Use Google Search Console For Best SEO 2023 - Web Developers

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If you build or manage the website, implement structured data, or generally do most of your work in a code editor, you'll use Search Console for monitoring, testing, and debugging your site code. 

Here are our recommendations:
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    . Understanding the basics of crawling, indexing, and serving is important in order to help you debug Search-related issues on your site.

  • Monitor for errors or spikes in the Page Indexing report, Performance report, and Mobile Usability report. If you have AMP pages or rich results, monitor the AMP status report or Rich result status reports, respectively.
  • To inspect a single page, either drill down into a single URL from the appropriate report and click Inspect, or use the URL Inspection tool to inspect a specific URL. The URL Inspection tool provides information about all types of issues, including indexing, AMP, mobile usability, HTML, and scripting issues.
  • Read the 

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     to learn about structured data, AMP in search, mobile best practices, API access to Search Console's tools and reports, and more. 

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