How To Create Custom Email Accounts In Your cPanel 2023

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To create new Email Accounts in your cPanel, follow the following instructions:

1) Login to your cPanel.

2) In your cPanel go to the Mail section and click on “Email Accounts”

3) Enter the following details:

Username: In this text box enter the email that you want to create and select the domain on which you want to create the email. For example: if you want to create and email “”, then in the text box enter “ceo” and then select “”.

Password: Type in a strong password that you want to set for your email account that you are creating. You can also use the “Password Generator” tool to enter a strong password for you.

4) Click on “Create” button.

Congratulations! Your email account has now been created.

Note: Replace with your actual domain name in above URL.

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