3 Reasons to Learn Data Protection 2023

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Technology has enabled the spreading of information more quickly.

Adapting practices to secure our data is vital for our personal and professional lives.

Here are  three reasons why you should learn about Data Protection or related topics this 2023.[Image: 32.png]

[Image: 32.png]Knowledge also protects you.
  • Knowing how your data is handled allows you to be more aware when sharing it with others.
  • Knowing about data regulations will help you control your security in any aspect easier.

[Image: 32.png]Improve your performance in any company and role
  • Most professionals believe knowing about data management is an exclusive responsibility of the IT or Legal department. 
  • It is not necessary to become an expert. However, for team works, it is essential to have a general understanding for implementing security, privacy, and data management. 
  • With this, companies can guarantee the reduction of leaks, possibilities of fraud or information theft.

Security provides freedom[Image: 32.png]
  • Knowing about your rights regarding data protection allows you to make decisions about it.
  • Security allows you to establish limitations according to the information you want to share, with the GDPR law as a backup.
  • In addition, it gives you the benefit of demanding verification processes when you have been vulnerable around your data handling in any entity or website.

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