Rema and Justine Skye Have Amazing Chemistry on the Video for “Twisted Fantasy”

Rema and Justine Skye have released the music video for their collaboration “Twisted Fantasy” and their chemistry on the screen is one for the books.

Justine Skye shared this via her Instagram page on Thursday, the 27th of May 2021. She appreciated Rema’s sacrifice of traveling all the way down from Nigerian just for the shoot. She also made sure to appreciate every person who worked on the video with them;

We went on a journey to a different dimension where thoughts and visions meet in a dream within a dream. I’m so grateful to continue to have art accompany my music. Thanks to all of the incredibly talented people who came together to make this happen.

Thank you so much @heisrema for being apart of this with me. Flew allll the way from Nigeria for me mannn, that’s REAL! SKYERAVERS 🦇👽🛸

Creative Direction & Concept by @emilyandelena! Thank you for always shooting for the stars and pushing boundaries. The things that go on in your beautiful brains always amaze me and I’m so grateful we get to create this magic together ♾

Shout out to the director @alexnazari and producer @ryan.hahn for helping us bring it to life. Was a long crazy process but we did that shit!

BIG thanks to @itsdrewhunter and @ewg.mgmt for working so hard to help make this possible

Much love to @nksogorgeous for choreographing and casting this! Also @tajariley for coming in to help with the casting too And to all the amazing dancers for bringing that energy to the video that we needed 🔋

@piliweeber came in quick with the sickkk set design 👽 thank you!

And could never forget my amazing amazing glam team for crushing out these looks in such a short amount of time!
Hair @prestonwada
MUA @mugopus
MUA @josie.melano
Styling @lgrovesss

The video for “Twisted Fantasy” was directed by Alex Nazari and uses an otherworldly setting to imprint vivid images in the minds of the viewers.

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