One mistake girls make in relationships that leads to heartbreak

One mistake girls make in relationships that leads to heartbreak

If you’re a woman reading this post, I’ll go right to the point: there are a lot of mistakes women make in relationships, and I’ll describe some of them to you.

Love is a great thing, and it means a lot to women. Women were intended to love, and I used to tell people that. But sometimes they misinterpret it.

Love will always be love; it is not the same as caring; a man can care for you but not love you. Love and kindness are often misunderstood by girls.

Many heartbreaks nowadays are the result of life and relationship miscalculations. A man will enter your life and begin calling, texting, or chatting with you, supporting you, giving you all the attention you require, respecting you, providing for you, and treating you the way you deserve, but that does not mean he loves you; love is a completely different game. Men are created to take care of women; they are simply carrying out their manly responsibilities.

When you meet a player, they will offer you these things, but it does not imply they love you; every man understands how to treat a woman, but some of them do not want to; if you don’t want to have a lot of heartbreak as a woman, always strive to distinguish between love and care.

You may prevent a lot of heartbreak if you can figure out when someone is caring for you, when someone is just supporting you, and when someone is just making fun of you. Many ladies don’t know how to distinguish these things, and it has caused a lot of suffering in their lives.

Every mistake has a cost, and you will pay a price for every mistake you make. Taking things slowly will help you figure out what’s going on, and it will even help you know whether someone loves you. If you can’t slow things down, you will make a lot of mistakes, and you won’t be able to distinguish between love and caring, as I previously stated.

Look into your relationship thoroughly, especially if it’s a new one; don’t rush things; take your time getting to know him.

When a man shows you some affection, many women mistakenly believe he is the prince charming they have been waiting for. I used to tell my boys that it’s extremely easy to deceive a female; just give her what she wants and she’ll love you; that’s just how certain women live.

It is critical that you learn how to distinguish between caring and love, how to distinguish between someone who is supporting you, how to distinguish between someone who is concerned about you, and how to distinguish between someone who wants the best for you and is doing everything in their power to make you happy.

All of these things may appear to be love, but anyone can show you all of this care, all of this support, and deep down they’re just caring for you without having any feelings for you, and if you end up loving them, if you end up developing feelings for them when they’re just caring, you’ll be heartbroken.

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