M.I Abaga Reveals He Once Had The Opportunity to Sign Wizkid, Here’s How

Foremost Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga has revealed that he once had the opportunity to sign Wizkid but passed on it due to personal constraints at the time.


M.I Abaga Reveals He Had The Opportunity to Sign Wizkid, Here's How

M.I revealed this on an Instagram live session with journalist, Adesope Olajide on Friday, the 18th of June 2021. When asked about Wizkid and how he began, the rapper stated that everyone who met Wizkid instantly knew he was going to be big. He went on to explain that he felt he had a chance to sign Wizkid when the Choc Boys were really hot.

The first thing I want to say about Wiz is that, Wiz is the only guy who at any stage, if you met him, you know he was going to blow. So, honestly, I feel like I had a great chance to sign Wizkid earlier on. I mean Choc Boys were really hot. Banky was just settling in Nigeria. At the time Wiz and I spoke, I don’t think Banky had even settled in Nigeria. But as an artist, I knew that Wizkid was ready. I knew that M.I had to blow and I was tied to my brother next, then Ice Prince next. That had to be the rollout. And so I knew that. Other people may just come and say, come and sign and then hold him down.

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M.I had a song with Wizkid on his debut album, titled ‘Fast Money Fast Cars‘. He explained that Wizkid got the hook for the song within seconds of listening to the beat. In his words;

I like telling this story. Wiz entered the studio and listened to this beat that Kraft gave him day before. And then five seconds later, he was like If you don’t talk money, omo don’t show up. I was like, record that! Recorded it and that record went to be one of the biggest songs on my album, ‘Talk About It


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