I’ve Introduced Prostitutes To Big Men Of God – Cossy Ojiakor

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I have Introduced Prostitutes To Big Men Of God Cossy Ojiakor

Well known Nigerian entertainer, Cossy Ojiakor, has expressed that tragically individuals accept that whores would not make paradise.

Ojiakor during a meeting with Saturday Beats, additionally uncovered that she has acquainted whore with a godly man who possesses a major church.

She said, “I realize that a great deal of ladies peer down on themselves in view of the manner in which they dress. They think they are bound for damnation and that, God can’t excuse. I like to dress like them (such ladies) on Instagram and lecture, so they would realize that God excuses everybody. I simply need to be an encouraging sign for each one of those that have lost expectation. I have been with certain ‘righteous men’ and I understand what they do. Some of them are mischievous.”

“They lay down with weird young ladies and fiddle into impossible things. Unfortunately, a few group actually battle for those kind of people. A reverend dad once got my boobs and offered me cash for sex. I additionally used to acquaint a great deal of young ladies with a minister who possesses a major church. I have a decent heart and make an effort not to hurt individuals. I believe I’m an upstanding individual, so I need individuals to realize that they can draw near to God and be excused. Also, Jesus came for miscreants.”

Ojiakor likewise uncovered that however she wishes to get hitched soon, she would not change her way of life to suit her better half. She said, “I need to settle down yet I am not in affection with any man right now. In actuality, I may wind up receiving a youngster, rather than having a child for a man I am not in affection with. I don’t mean to change my life on account of marriage. Nothing will prevent me from being Cossy. My better half needs to take me the manner in which I am. I can just stop in view of God and not in light of any person.”

“My relationship with my ex-darling turned sour since we permitted an excessive number of individuals to have a say in the relationship. The two of us are on talking terms and I have asked him for what reason he expressed some bogus things about me on Instagram. He disclosed to me he had erased the bogus cases from his page. At the point when I leave a man, I don’t attempt to return to him. I attempt to leave in harmony and try not to be adversaries with my past sweethearts. I surmise he was simply attempting to stand out enough to be noticed. I figure he did that to me since he was as yet distraught at me.”

“We had a little misconstruing and the standard was that on the off chance that one gathering annoyed the other, the blameworthy individual would do a frog bounce. I additionally do it when I am off-base. Be that as it may, he would not do the discipline when he failed on the grounds that his companions disclosed to him not to. Be that as it may, I have pardoned him.”

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