How to find the man of your dreams your prince charming

How to find the man of your dreams your prince charming

1. You might find someone nice through online dating, but chances of finding someone not-so-nice isn’t bleak too. There is no guarantee that your partner isn t lying about their qualification, age or relationship status. If these things happen and you are left with a bitter taste, don t blame online dating or give up hope. It is best that you treat the event with indifference, and allow better things to happen to you.

2. Make sure that your body language is right. Whether it is video chatting or a real date, body language can make or break your chances. It is suggested that you make expressive hand gestures, nod your head when the other person is speaking, sit upright and smile. This will convey that you like the other person and increase the probability of them agreeing to take the relationship further.

3. It all starts with recognizing a great catch. Do you remember the plot of another Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast?

Belle falls in love with the Beast because of how kind he is and how well he treats her. She doesn’t know that beneath his ugly exterior is a man who was once very handsome.
Even though she is repelled at first, once she gets to know the Beast, she finds her heart opening to him.

Often times, I hear from women that a must have quality is the handsomeness of a man. I try and help my private clients understand that attraction can grow as you get to know a man.
What counts for getting the long-term relationship you want is how a man treats you.

4. Always be real. Whether it takes you two minutes or two hours to put on your face for an evening out, your real-life Prince Charming is interested ultimately not in what you look like on the outside, but in the quality of your character. That’s not to say he won’t fancy the pants off you, but love is not lust. At some point, you need to respect and like each other enough to want to spend time beyond the bedsheets. Being real entails knowing yourself and embracing the fact there’s nothing more attractive than self-confidence.

5. Get to know each other, what the other wants, what they desire. Don’t put it all out there from the start, you need to balance being up-front with being just a little hard-to-get. Leaving some intrigue is sure to tantalize your potential prince and leave him wanting to see you again.

6. And we can’t forget social media. I have a friend who met her husband on Facebook *well, okay, he’s an ex-husband now, but you get my point*. He just messaged her, they started a conversation, and the rest is history *even the divorce.* While that marriage didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have better luck.

7. Have a big heart. Helping people or charity is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed, and more importantly, loved. Not that either should be done for this reason alone. But it must be said that a prince will find a woman even more irresistible if she has a big heart and loves to help others.

8. Having a sense of humour is so important, not only as a princess but just in day to day life so let the real you shine through in every situation wherever possible, and appropriate.

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