Here’s How to Pronounce Uy Scuti, Olamide’s Album Title

On the 18th of June, Olamide or Olamide Baddoo as he’s often called personally and by fans and peers, unveiled his 10th studio album unto the airwaves. Titled Uy Scuti, the album has since then taken flight on charts worldwide to indicate its favourable reception by music lovers and critics. Praise has also been promptly given to whom due as listeners discover their personal favourites and new mantras within the lyrics that suit their lifestyle. There is however a slight rut in the consumption process of the album and it is the fact that there is confusion on how to pronounce Olamide’s astrology-based title, Uy Scuti


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How to pronounce Uy Scuti

If this is a problem you face as well, here’s how to pronounce the title of Olamide’s latest album, Uy Scuti

First off, it is important to note that Uy Scuti in itself is not an English word or name. While the name was given to the largest star in the universe by German astrologers, it is simply a name that follows scientific rules by naming a star according to it placement in its constellation. Uy Scuti happens to be the 38th star in the constellation Scutum. 

It is then pronounced thus: 

/Uy Scuti/: You-why scoo-tie

How have you been pronouncing Uy Scuti? Will you be willing to adopt the scientific and correct way of pronouncing the star’s name which is also the title of Olamide’s album? 


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