Here are 10 reasons why a Girl is nervous around you

1) She likes you

You can’t always assume that a woman is interested in you based on body language alone. However, it’s one of the most common reasons why a woman is nervous around you.

When a woman likes you, she’s more conscious of what she’ll say and how she’ll behave around. She’s nervous because she doesn’t want to do something that might make you run away.

There are times that a woman gets nervous because there’s a chance that things can lead to being physically intimate with her. The thought of it can throw off her game.

2) It’s her first date with you

First dates for a woman can be very exciting. They take an extra couple of hours to dress up and look good to impress you.

At the same time, first dates make her nervous. Moments before she sees you, her mind flips through multiple scenarios of how your date will turn out, and she starts to freak out.

The last thing she wants is to say something wrong to sway you from having negative feelings towards her. She simply wants to say all the right things to please you.

3) It’s her first date ever

Do you remember the very first date you went on?

It may have been years ago, and you probably don’t remember the person, what you wore, or if you hand a second date, but you pretty sure remember what it felt like to be asked out.

Firsts are often times memorable. And for an adult woman who’s going on her first date, it can be nerve-wracking. It’s like this rite of passage as she enters this new world — even if she’s a little too late in the game.

4) She’s intimidated by you

Are you particularly intelligent/popular/skilled/big and strong/fill in the blank?

A woman can be intimidated by a competent, capable man because she’s afraid she won’t live up to preconceived expectations you might have of her.

Being on a date with someone popular also makes a difference.  You’re “google-able” and your reputation precedes you.

You know how some Hollywood stars get reported on dating a non-showbiz girlfriend and raving fans start to investigate and scrutinize her?

It can put a lot of pressure to live up to standards these folks have set for “that woman.”

5) She’s socially awkward

It can be hard to recognize if a woman is socially awkward if you’ve only met her. Her behavior may be the same, but it may come across like she’s just nervous to be around you.

As a matter of fact, she may not even be aware that she’s socially awkward. You may just notice that she seems uncomfortable and has the urge to get away as soon as possible.

6) She’s afraid of rejection

A woman can have several reasons why she’s scared.

One is that she’s been rejected and hurt too many times. She’s afraid that this time around won’t be any different.

Another reason why she’s scared is that she went through attachment issues when she was young. She’s used to being independent and when a man tries to get close, she feels uncomfortable.

Women who go through these kinds of experiences tend to push people away.

7) She was in an abusive relationship

It can be hard for a woman to get over toxic relationships that cause emotional, mental, and physical abuse. Experiences like these can change her outlook on romantic relationships.

More importantly, they can change her perception of herself and her self-worth. An example of this is she might think she’s the cause of the abuse and very well she deserves it.

So when there’s an opportunity to romantically connect with a man, she goes through this internal conflict.

She wants to meet and connect with a good guy, but she’s afraid that he might be like those who treated her badly. She would never want the abuse to happen again.

8) She feels insecure

You would think that with all the modern campaigns on beauty, brains, and body image, women gained and maintained a higher level of confidence.

That’s not the case.

In this day and age, social media still puts a lot of pressure on women to have this perfect image of themselves.

But her insecurities still get the best of her. When they kick in, she loses all confidence and doubts her social abilities.

When a woman feels insecure, she doesn’t feel she’s good enough for anyone until she gets that external validation from other people. And even then, she may not be totally convinced.

9) You’re doing something that makes her feel uncomfortable

Are you a little loud when you talk to a woman? Do you come off strong? How do you look at her? Are you flirtatious? Maybe too flirtatious?

It may or may not be intended, but sometimes, when you assert yourself to try to see if a woman is interested in you, it can rub her the wrong way.

When a woman isn’t sure of how to respond, she usually resorts to non-verbal signs that show she feels uncomfortable.

10) She’s distracted by personal problems

Personal problems such as family issues, occupational hazards, and financial setbacks, are normal. And as much as a woman doesn’t want to dwell on them, especially on a date night, sometimes, it can’t be helped.

When you’re on a date with a woman whose mind is elsewhere because of unsettling problems, she cannot focus her attention on you.

At times, her body follows suit with the stress, and the negative energy is showed through her posture, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

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