Iyabo Ojo Narrates How She Was Raped Five Times

I was raped five times - Actress, Iyabo Ojo says

Iyabo Ojo Narrates How She Was Raped Five Times

Award winning Nigerian entertainer, Iyabo Ojo, has shared how she was assaulted by an outfitted burglar who attacked her better half’s home in Lagos, soon after she got hitched.

Ojo shared her assault insight in a new scene of her YouTube page.

The entertainer noticed that she had been assaulted multiple times, adding that she was first assaulted when she was 14-years of age.

The entertainer said she had stayed quiet throughout the issue at the time on account of the dread of being reprimanded by individuals from the general public.

She said: “I know a great deal of women who have experienced what I have experienced and I feel it is the ideal opportunity for me to converse with them and cause them to comprehend that it is OK to discuss it.”

“To tell them that it isn’t approve to be in the circumstance however when you end up in that circumstance.”

“Like I said, yes I have been assaulted previously. Not once but rather multiple times. What’s more, trust me when I say it was difficult. The first occasion when I was assaulted, I was 14.”

“It occurred at my auntie’s home (not a relative). I would not like to discuss it since then it was a major no-no to discuss it (being assaulted).”

“I believed I would be censured for all that occurred. I opened the entryway and permitted the individual come in. Be that as it may, I didn’t have any acquaintance with it planned to occur toward the day’s end.”

“However, when it did, I was apprehensive on the grounds that the individual had compromised and implored me. Furthermore, I felt it planned to cause a ton of show so I remained quiet about it.”

“What’s more, that individual continued returning to reveal to me that he did it since he cherishes me and at a time, I think I really accepted that lie. What’s more, the subsequent one, that was another horrendous one that occurred. I actually couldn’t tell anyone in my family. Along the line, when I started to discuss my mom, father and a touch of things, which occurred in my family, you will perceive any reason why I was unable to tell any one in my family.”

“However, when I gathered a touch of fortitude to tell a companion of mine at that point and it was one reason why I fled at a specific time. The entire family was searching for me and when they ultimately discovered me, I actually didn’t discuss it.”

“Presently the third one, the person was really a neighbor. Like we are in reality near one another. You know, my father’s home and his own home was the second or third road away in a similar area.”

“He was a companion to my first beau, however he was a lot more established than him. I never realized that he had such goal. I experienced childhood in Obanikoro zone of Lagos, however I moved to Ikeja to remain with my aunt.”

“In any case, I went to Obanikoro in some cases to keep an eye on my grandma, father and my beau around then. On my way from Obanikoro returning home I was at the bus station hanging tight for a taxi then his vehicle drove past me and he halted.”

“We traded merriments and he asked me where I was going, which I disclosed to him that I was going to Ikeja and he offered to drop me off and furthermore said he had moved to Ikeja.”

“At the point when we got to Ikeja, he revealed to me he lives in Toyin Street and I disclosed to him I realize the road very well since I live in Balogun Bus Stop in Ikeja and he said he should show me his home so I can come visiting at whatever point I feel like.”

“I didn’t perceive any serious deal in it since he was companion to my ex, first sweetheart at that point. At the point when we got to his home, he just had a mat, cool and TV in the parlor.”

“So he out of nowhere said he was ravenous and inquired as to whether I was eager as well, however I revealed to him that I wasn’t on the grounds that I was late and my aunt would be hanging tight for me.”

“So he offered he offered me a beverage, which I acknowledged. He at that point went into the kitchen to get me juice. I didn’t consider anything. I just plunked down on the floor sitting in front of the TV.”

“At that point cooked noodles and offered me, yet I declined and he attempted to drive it into my mouth, which I requested that he stop. At that point he began saying that he has adored me for an exceptionally lengthy timespan and he was infatuated with me and needed me to be his better half and I advised him that I was his companion’s sweetheart.”

“He began saying that he has cherished me even before Emmanuel and when he discovered I was going out with Emmanuel, he was heart broken. Around then, I was just about 18 years of age.”

“He began attempting to contact me so I got up irately and advanced toward the entryway, which I saw that it was bolted.”

“At that point I began advising him to open the entryway and he disclosed to me that he cherishes me.

Also, that was the point at which he began hauling me. Furthermore, that brought back recollections of the experience I had experienced that first time.”

“So it occurred to me that it was going to happen again and I didn’t need it to so I truly grappled with him. At that point I attempted to push him and ran into one of the rooms to open the window to screen and afterward he pulled me back with my hair and afterward he held my neck to the divider.”

“I kept battling and grappling with him so he hauled me out of the room since he didn’t need me to yell and gave me a filthy slap.”

“I hit my head on the divider. I was somewhat mixed up attempting to discover my feet and he went into the kitchen to get the blade. At the point when he got the blade, his eyes went red and his face changed.”

“He wasn’t the very individual that I knew and it occurred to me that in the event that I battle him, I would wind up dead. At that point he hauled me back into the room.”

“I was simply numb. He did anything he desired to do and when he was done, he went out and returned and began calling my name since I was still at the spot he assaulted me.”

“At that point he began calling me child and that word infant was penetrating my cerebrum since I was frantic.”

“The manner in which he was saying the infant was irritating me. So he continued saying Iyabo child, I am sorry I didn’t mean it, it is on the grounds that I love you. You caused me to do this.”

“I have never done this in my life. If it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. Furthermore, in my mind I resembled I needed to play along in light of the fact that he actually had a blade in his grasp.”

“I needed to keep up that everything was acceptable on the grounds that the windows and wherever was secured and the TV in the lounge was extremely boisterous.”

“So individuals will not hear my voice. So I revealed to him that I saw yet he said no and began crying.”

“He inquired as to whether I would tell Emmanuel yet I said no and he said who might I tell, however I said I would not tell anybody.”

“What’s more, I attempted to persuade him that I would not advise anybody so he requested that I kiss him and I did all that he needed me to do so I can escape his home.”

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“I can discuss it now. The thing is you never get over it, however it gets to a phase in your life whereby it turns into a story to tell and there are no correct words on how you can manage it.”

“You simply need to manage it. Allow me just to say I have had the option to manage it in my own specific manner on the grounds that before I can’t discuss it since when I attempt to, I get so enthusiastic, irate and a ton of different things accompanies it.”

“At the present time, I can discuss it. Along these lines, after the kissing, he said he cherished me and I revealed to him that I adored him as well and he went to drop me off at my bus station.”

“While strolling down home, I could recall that I was simply quiet. I had no sentiments or feelings. I returned home and fortunately my aunt wasn’t anywhere near. I just went straight higher up and moved into the bath and just began crying.”

“I sobbed hysterically. At that point I considered about telling my ex regardless of whether we were having some little relationship issues around then.”

“My ex was an awful kid and I didn’t care for the entirety of the terrible things they do. So I chose not to advise him since, supposing that I did, they may slaughter or plan something horrible for him and I didn’t need that since I didn’t need blood on my hands.”

“I couldn’t say whether what I did was correct or wrong. So the simply path not to advise him was to say a final farewell to him.”

“At that point the other one occurred after I got hitched to my better half and had my children, at that point we moved to Ikeja.”

“I was assaulted by one of the equipped looters who went to our home to burglarize. It is difficult to discuss assault. Regardless of the amount you talk about it, you need to understand that it is agonizing, however you are in good company.”

Ojo encouraged individuals who had comparative experience to call mental fortitude in sharing their accounts as such would help make more mindfulness about the scourge.

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