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Ada La Pinky

Ada La Pinky

Ada La Pinky was born in Flint, Michigan.

Bandleader Ahmed Gallab—who was born in London to Sudanese parents, raised in Ohio, and now calls New York City home—says Dépaysé chronicles an immigrant’s journey of self-discovery in the Trump era. “Dépaysé is a French word that basically means ‘to be removed from one’s habitual surroundings,’” he explains in his bio letter, available to read in full 👉 HERE. “By extension, it means to be disoriented, homeless. That’s a feeling I relate to very much in these times—and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way… [Sinkane’s] collective experience as children of the diaspora helped bring the music to life in the most honest way possible.”

From early childhood piano lessons (that showcased a preference for emotional improvisation over disciplined learning), to an adolescence spent playing guitar, bass and drums in numerous bands, to a love affair with DJing sparking in his late teens in Cologne which eventually took him to venues like LUX in Lisbon, Fabric in London, and Panorama Bar in Berlin, Roosevelt’s musical upbringing was varied and diverse, but always centered on feeling the music and using it as a vehicle for connection.

‘Young Romance’ was written in his home town of Cologne and finished in Los Angeles, where it was also mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House/Grizzly Bear/Future Islands) at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios. Penned from self-reflective distance and brimming with fresh ideas and confidence, Lauber balances escapism and wistfulness in equal measure, documenting his own artistic transitions and personal experiences along the way. “I ended up processing a lot of emotions that I felt during my youth” he says, “faded relationships that haunted me for years, being on the road for what seemed like forever and the constant search for a place to call home.”

Convening at longtime bandmate Sergio Mendoza’s home studio in Tucson, Arizona, El Mirador was recorded throughout the summer of 2021, crafting one of their most riveting and whimsical productions to date. Convertino, who now resides in El Paso, and Burns, who relocated to Boise in 2020, channeled cherished memories of Southwestern landscapes and joyful barrio melting pots into an evocative love letter to the desert borderlands that nourished them for over 20 years.

Ada La Pinky Biography

Ada La Pinky is an American singer and actress.

Ada La Pinky Boyfriend: Who is Ada La Pinky boyfriend, dating? Ada La Pinky is rumoured to be in a relationship with Isbae U whose real name is Adebayo Abidemi, a top Comedian whom she usually acts with. When asked about her relationship with instagram comedian, Adebayo Abidemi, popularly known as Isbae_U, Ada Ebere didn’t confirm or deny dating or being in a relationship with him.

Ada La Pinky is rumoured to be in a relationship with Isbae U whose real name is Adebayo Abidemi, a top Comedian whom she usually acts with. When asked about her relationship with instagram comedian, Adebayo Abidemi, popularly known as Isbae_U, Ada Ebere didn’t confirm or deny dating or being in a relationship with him.

One of today’s essential artists, Venezuelan/Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter KAINA shares her striking new single “Apple” accompanied by a mesmerizing music video. The track transports listeners to a simpler, more innocent time in KAINA’s life and serves as a reminder to honor the child in each of us. Directed by Weird Life Films, the visual sets the backdrop for a powerful lesson of self love to be learned and is fashioned after the heartfelt moments captured in the beloved Mr. Rogers TV series that proved integral in KAINA’s childhood.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Ada said, “People believe that my boobs are too big to be real but they are 100 per cent natural. I have never done any surgery to make my boobs bigger. I used to be skinny a few years back until I began to gain weight. As I grew bigger, my also boobs grew. If one gains weight, every part of one’s body would become bigger.”

Ada Ebere claims to be a virgin despite her size. During a Q&A comedy segment on her official Instagram page, she confessed that she had never slept with a man.The question in the video snippet is, “Are you still a virgin?” Without hesitation, Ada Ebere accepted the ‘Yes’ session.

Recalling how she started her entertainment career as a dancer before delving into comedy, she said, “I started my career as a dancer and video vixen with the help of Clarence Peters. However, when I started gaining weight, I could no longer continue being a vixen. I felt I didn’t fit in anymore because of my size, so I decided to switch to comedy. My life has always been about entertaining people. I realised I had to do something better, hence I switched to comedy.”

Firmly one of today’s essential artists, beloved Venezuelan/Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter KAINA returns with her striking new song “Casita” and lyric visual today. The song celebrates the modest home she grew up in and nourished her, and simultaneously signals her own personal evolution and newly found sense of self. It honors a distinct upbringing that many first generation individuals experience in the US.

In the summer of 2017, Wagner left Nashville and crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains into North Carolina, where he attended the 50th birthday party of longtime friend and Merge co-founder Mac McCaughan. That night, Wagner re-met Mac’s younger brother, Matt McCaughan, who has spent the last decade drumming for the likes of Bon Iver and Hiss Golden Messenger. McCaughan told Wagner he had been adventuring inside the world of rack-mounted analogue synthesisers and asked if Wagner might send some vocals to which he could compose.

The visual serves as an abstract accompaniment to the song, filmed in Los Angeles, Cambridge, and Sydney. Pellington, who has worked with artists as diverse as Imagine Dragons, Low, Chelsea Wolfe, and Damien Marley, says he wanted to bring a soulful quality to the “Just Wait” project.

“Matthew Caws and I connected, and we decided to collaborate together on this music film, a labor of love inspired by his late father Peter Caws’ profound meditations,” Pellington tells Rolling Stone. “The piece actually benefited from the coronavirus as we really took our time, let ideas percolate, and did not feel a need to rush and make a product. Matthew is a very generous artist and let me interpret pretty freely. We really connected to the themes of the piece, and I was magnificently inspired by his relationship to his late father, the words he created and they shared. This meditative philosophical fabric served as the character’s fuel in the film.”

Ada La Pinky is signed to Universal Republic Records.

In June, celebrated producer & electronic music maestro Roosevelt (Marius Lauber) introduced “Sign”, his first new single since his sophomore album, 2018’s ‘Young Romance’. Skillfully synthesizing dance floor sensibility and reflective songwriting, today he turns to the Grammy-winning UK producer Alex Metric (Dua Lipa, Parcels, Foals, Ellie Goulding, Honne) for a deft club workout that fuses the heartache of the original with an industrial edge. READ MORE HERE




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