8 Ways to recognize a Man who will always treat you right and never ever hurt you

8 Ways to recognize a Man who will always treat you right and never ever hurt you

Nobody is perfect, but there are plenty of men out there who will treat you well, respect you, and look after you.

Not all men are bad, and not all men will cheat on you; a good man is a good man; there are many good men out there; you may not be lucky enough to meet one, but that does not mean that good men do not exist; life is fair and unfair at times; however, you must always find a way to make life amazing for yourself. One of the most crucial things to remember is that not all men are bad.

1. It is good for a woman to fall madly in love with a man; there is nothing wrong with that, but it is critical for that man to love you back. When a man loves you back, he will not treat you badly; instead, he will treat you right the way you deserve. When you fall in love, make sure the person loves you back; that is how to find a man who will love you and treat you right in a relationship.

2. If you’re in a relationship and you notice that the person you love is untrustworthy, lies frequently, and lives a zigzag lifestyles, anyone you don’t trust, and your intuition matters. Anyone whose life is not straight will not treat you right; if you’re looking for someone who will treat you right, don’t stay with someone whose life is complicated; if you’re in love with someone whose life is completely complicated, there’s no way they’ll treat you right.

3. There’s one thing you should never overlook in a relationship: if someone doesn’t respect you, they won’t treat you right. Respect is extremely important in a relationship, and a man who doesn’t respect you won’t treat you the way you deserve. Avoid a man who is constantly disrespectful to you. Love someone who respects you, your body, your emotions and feelings, everything about you; love that person because they will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

4. Cheating is a bad thing; never believe that someone who cheats on you repeatedly loves you. When someone does not respect and value you, they will have no remorse for any actions they take, even if they know they are hurting you. The only way to be happy in a relationship is to stay with a man who is loyal to you and willing to go to great lengths to make the relationship work. Someone who loves you will be loyal to you.

5. If you enjoy being cared for, avoid a man you know who isn’t; if you want someone to call and text you all the time, if someone you love can’t provide that and you can’t cope with it, don’t stay with that person; if you enjoy attention and are with someone who can’t provide it, don’t stay with that person; if you want to be happy and treated the way you want, Listen! If you can’t handle something, don’t stay with it. Staying with someone who cannot provide you with the kind of love you desire will not get you anywhere.
So stay away from what you know you can’t handle or enjoy in a relationship.

6. There is one thing that will make a man not treat you badly: conscience. If the person you love doesn’t have conscience, or if they have a don’t care attitude, know that they will treat you badly, and that they will never treat you right. Stay with a man if you know he has conscience, if he has remorse, and if he is the type of person who apologises and amends his ways.

7. Another important factor is that when a man is committed to a relationship, he will treat you with respect. If a man is willing to make any sacrifices necessary to make the relationship work, he will treat you right and love you the way you deserve. Look deep to see if he can make sacrifices for you; if he can’t, don’t expect him to love you the way you deserve.

8. There is something you should not overlook when determining whether or not a man will love and respect you: stay with a man who is supportive, who wants and needs you, and who loves you. It is critical that someone loves you; if they do not love you back, they will not treat you right and will not stay with you forever.

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