7 Things That Keep A Relationship Going

1. Happiness is the key

Your partner should bring you happiness, rather than bringing you to the point where you are sad and uncertain about your own life. If your partner is unsupportive of your life or is trying to emotionally hurt you, then take it as a big red flag and get out of it as soon as possible.

No one is worth sacrificing your happiness for. If the relationship doesn’t bring out the best in you, you are not expected to settle. Choose the person you know you deserve and nothing less.

2. You have fun

How do you spend your time in a relationship? Just fighting or do you have fun as well? It’s normal to fight but it should mostly be about being happy. It is very important to enjoy your life not just with your partner but with others as well. And your partner needs to understand that.

In keeping a relationship strong we often misunderstand the importance of friendships and ‘me time’. If you used to solo travel before committing to the relationship, then why stop now? Similarly, don’t be the reason someone has to give up something that made them truly happy.

3. Your independence

In a healthy relationship, it’s very important to not give your friendships up and enjoy yourself without your partner getting upset about it. Some people take pride in saying that their partner is possessive, but this is mostly an indicator of insecurity that you cannot fix.

This is especially important when it comes to your profession: your choice of partner can make or break your career. If someone is getting in the middle of you and your ambitions, you’re going to end up resenting them. It’s important that your partner understands and respects what you do for a living.

Being with a person can make or break your career

4. Your inner peace

Does your partner make you feel anxious, angry and nervous often? Then it is high time you ask yourself why you are in this relationship? It is very important to have your inner peace for your own happiness and good health, and without it you will never learn how to keep the relationship going strong.

5. Your stability

It is very important to have an emotionally stable partner who is willing to try new things in life. If you have someone who is not willing enough to try new things and holds you back from trying them out as well, then it is certainly not a very positive sign – because this attitude can affect the balance of your life. In learning how to keep a relationship going, remember that two people, no matter how alike, will always have some differences.

At the same time if your partner is unsettled, unbalanced, and unambitious, then it is also a sign you can’t make the relationship stronger. Being with such a person implies that eventually all the responsibilities will be dumped on your head and you’re going to be stuck in this relationship with no way out. Stability is one of the relationship qualities that are a must for a happy life.

6. Your originality

Your personality is who you are and the right person will definitely understand and respect that. The key to a what keeps a relationship strong is to not wanting to change each other’s personality, but love each other for who they are.

This does not mean that pointing out each other’s quirks and bad habits is a bad thing. In fact, you may find, that when you reach a certain level of closeness, you might end up mirroring your partner (while also maintaining your own originality!)

7. Your beliefs

Your beliefs are significant to you, and no one in your life should try to change your faith or beliefs. While your partner doesn’t have to believe in the same things as you, they should definitely respect your values.

This could relate to family values or even religion – the other person has to learn to understand what is important to you and respect it; that’s one of the most important factors in keeping a relationship going. There are some elements of developing respect in a relationship, and it is necessary we familiarize ourselves with them.

While two people in a relationship can be poles apart in terms of personality and beliefs, there are some commonalities that are absolutely essential in keeping a relationship strong. Apart from these 7 points, what do you think is necessary to strengthen the bond in a relationship? Let us know in the comments!


1. What can make a relationship stronger?

Acknowledging and embracing your partner’s habits and knack for trying new things, while also maintaining your sense of originality and personality.

2. How do you keep a dying relationship alive?

Communicate and try to figure out what’s going wrong. If the relationship lacks the basic elements of respect, regard, and independence, it’s never going to last.

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