45 Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

1. You give me a reason to wake up in the morning 

How sweet is it to tell her that you look forward to her the moment you wake up in the morning? That your day begins with her on your mind? To make her smile profusely, you will not go wrong with this one. Text her this one right away!

2. Your voice reminds me that there’s joy in the world

How cute is it if you tell her that just her voice is enough for you to have faith in the world? The world is a better place for you when she’s around and this is the sweetest way to tell her so.

3. I was always looking for happiness and I have found it in us 

Show her how much you treasure your relationship with her by using this line. If you’re considering sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her blush, we strongly recommend this one.

4. Stop the world from spinning because I want to get off with you 

Stolen from an Arctic Monkeys song, yes, I don’t think Alex Turner would mind if you rolled this your girlfriend’s way. If she’s a music enthusiast, then even more brownie points for you!

5. Your beautiful laugh can light up the whole room 

Show her that you adore her happiness. That she is so charming, that she radiates joy in every room that she walks into. You’re absolutely smitten by her and there is no better way of cheering up your girlfriend.

6. I fall in love with you more and more each time we meet 

To make her smile non-stop, a simple notification of this on her phone will do the trick no matter how bad of a day she might be having. If she’s having a long day or going through something tough, with this one you can remind her that she always has you by her side.

7. You’re a magnet that my heart cannot resist 

If you’re thinking of ideas when writing her an emotional love letter to girlfriend to make her cry, punctuate the end of your letter with this line. A true show-stopper, this line is equal parts poetic and heartfelt.

8. I may not be your first, but I want to be your last 

Once you say this to her, she can safely assume you’re not a commitment-phobe who will one day give up on her. To tell her that she can blindly trust you, say this line to her. And she will know you’re willing to put both feet into the relationship.

9. You have shaken my world 

Maybe not a literal earthquake but your heart went through a metaphorical earthquake the day she entered your life. That’s when you knew that she was going to be the one for you. Remind her that you still think of her that way by popping this sentence in one of your conversations.

10. You are the most special snowflake I have ever encountered

Remind her how special she is and how much she means to you with this line. A lot of women might have come and gone into your life, but by saying this, you are showing your girlfriend that you are the most grateful for her.

11. You should be kissed often and right 

To really seal the deal, drop a peck or go for an intense, passionate kiss once you say this to her. Whichever types of kisses you try, you will leave her spellbound after you say this to her.

12. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about you 

(And I don’t want to). When you say this to her while looking into her eyes, we can’t guarantee that she will stop blushing. Want to win her heart? Try saying these words to her.

13. I look forward to notifications with your name on them

When you want to try out sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry, you could potentially leave her in a big pool of tears when you say this to her. Tell her that you wait for her notification or text on your phone and it lights up your whole day.

Tell her how much your texts mean to her

14. I feel safe with you

Feeling loved and happy with someone is one thing but if someone makes you feel safe that is another ballpark. The fact that you feel safe with her means that you trust her with all your heart and there is no greater compliment than that to make her feel special.

15. You’ve changed my life for the better 

Perhaps your life was like a messy room before she entered it. But now that she’s here, it is much more sorted, organized and rosy. If she makes you a better person, let her know for it will make her the happiest woman.

16. You are the most important puzzle piece in my life 

In the puzzle of life where we keep trying to adjust one piece with the other, she is the piece that fits perfectly no matter where you put it, for it is the one that is meant to be.

17. You have put me under a spell of temporary madness 

Madness is somewhat acceptable in the different types of love. Show her that your love is so intense, you feel like you’re going mad in mirth. If a proposal is on the horizon, add this line to your sweet proposal message to make her cry.

18. When I roll over in bed at night, I picture you next to me

We are most vulnerable in the wee hours of the night and if you’re craving for her at such a time, it means that you’re irrevocably in love with her. Forget writing long paragraphs to make your girlfriend cry, this simple sentence will hit home.

19. I am the ship and you are my sails 

Really bringing out those writing skills with this one, it is meant to tell her that you are incomplete without her. Just like a ship always needs its sails, you always need her.

20. My heart dances to your tune 

Like children dancing around Pied Piper and his tune, your heart similarly follows her tune wherever she is and wherever she goes. This famous reference will go a long way so try it today.

21. You have taught me how to love 

To really make her feel special, consider telling her that by being with her, you’ve understood the gravity and importance of love in your life. The enormity of a sentence like this will shake her completely, so keep the tissues ready!

22. You have driven the darkness out of my life 

Looking for things to say to your girlfriend to make her heart melt? We assure you that this will work. To tell her that your life has only gotten rosier ever since you made her acquaintance is the perfect way to win her heart.

23. I’ll be yours no matter what happens 

Ready to show her you’re willing to be hers forever? We don’t know if you believe in eternal love or not, but when you say this to her, she’ll not only have a reason to believe in you but it’ll also make her faith in the concept of love stronger.

24. My love is like a nail for if I cut it off, it will grow again 

No number of romantic sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry can compare to when you say this one to her. It means that in any kind of adversity or trouble, your love for her will never stop growing.

25. You play in my mind like a symphony 

Music is indeed the essence of love. So the moment you mention any musical references, your love message intensifies tenfold. There is no doubt that this beautiful sentence will do the trick when you want to show your girl how much you love her.

Tell her that she never leaves your mind

26. My heart is in your hands now, keep it safe 

When writing an emotional love letter to girlfriend to make her cry, you can end your long letter with this one. These final concluding lines will definitely get the idea across that you are in love and at a point of no return.

27. You don’t need to be perfect for me to love you 

Tell her that you don’t care about her imperfections because those are what make her whole and real to you. You’re in love with every single fiber of her and it does not matter where it ranks on the scale of perfection. What matters is that you love everything about her and that you two are still perfect partners.

28. You are my 3 am text 

We only text those at 3 am who we love the most or are affected by the most in our lives. By telling her that she’s your 3 am text, you’re conveying that she always pops up in your mind when the going gets tough or when you are yearning for love.

29. I will love you like the sea loves the moon 

It’s true that the tides respond to the energies of the moon and this beautiful phenomenon can be a metaphor for your love. Remind her that you love her as desperately as the sea loves the moon.

30. You are the anchor I need 

Perhaps you’re a weary old boat but to keep you tethered to reality and regain your strength, her anchor is all you need. You don’t need to be a poet to ace this one. Sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry? Check.

31. We will be together now and forever 

No amount of sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry can overshadow the importance of a simple message like this one. No flowery language needed, the meaning of this message does all the job in making your woman feel beautiful and loved.

32. You don’t need to pay rent to live in my heart 

A funny twist to this one, she might be smiling through her tears when you say this to her. What better way to woo her than to make her smile and cry in love at the same time?

33. You are not just the love of my, you are life itself

Being someone’s love is only a part of their existence. But being their entire life is occupying the center stage in their entire existence. Tell her that she’s your life and her heart will melt faster than ever.

34. You are like a fireplace on a snowy winter night 

A fireplace is what gives you warmth, comfort and puts you at ease when the snow chills your bones. Just like a fireplace, her presence gives you warmth and shelter in the midst of upheavals.

35. I thought love didn’t exist, but with you, it has just begun 

Get real with her and admit to her that perhaps you had lost all faith in the idea of love and companionship. You thought love was a farce or just an excuse that teaches you surviving heartbreak, but with her, the meaning of love has changed for you.

36. I strongly believe our relationship was written in the stars 

Has destiny brought you two together? Is your love so strong that you think the stars aligned for you two to be together? If you love her that strongly, say this to her when you can because it will take your relationship to the next level.

37. Like a sponge, you have drained me of my worries 

In her presence, all your problems and worries seem to vanish into thin air. Like a sponge, she sucks all the negativity out of your life and makes you feel lighter. Tell her all these things by using this simple sentence and she will not be able to hold back her smile.

Show her that you are happier with her around

38. I love you like a love song 

Stealing a line from Selena Gomez in this one, this 2011 release is a banger even today. What you mean to say is that in a love song all is perfect and all is beautiful, and your love for her is no less than that. This will definitely make your girlfriend happy.

39. I see your beautiful face even when I close my eyes 

With this, you’re telling her that even when she’s not around, she is always on your mind. When you open your eyes, you wait to see her and when you close your eyes all you do is think of her and see her in your mind.

40. I could hug you until the end of time 

To find sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her feel special, you don’t always need big fancy words to blow her away. By saying something like this too, she will know how cherished and loved she is to be with you.

41. Your touch makes me blush 

We’ve covered so much about how deeply you love her to make her feel special. But here’s one to show her how special she makes you feel. The fact that her mere touch sends chills down your spine and makes you blush endlessly ought to convey it perfectly.

42. Letting you down is the worst thing I could do for myself 

When you say something like this to her, she will know that you are determined to make her happy and her being satisfied and content is one of your goals. If knowing this doesn’t make her cry, we don’t know what will.

43. I can see myself growing old with you 

What better way to begin your sweet proposal message to make her cry than by using this line? When you say this to her, she is convinced you’re in this for the long haul.

44. You are not an option, you are a necessity 

Putting all writers to shame with this one line! When you say this, her eyes will light up immediately. Tell her that you need her as much as air or water to live and that you cannot imagine a single day going by without her.

Say these sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her feel special

45. I am a sunflower and you are the sun 

A clear reference to the phenomenon that the sunflowers often face and shift their bodies toward the sun at peak sunlight. Similarly, when her sunlight beams upon you, you can’t help but turn toward her and give her your undivided attention.

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