4 Ways to Look Available Without Looking Desperate

1.  Exchange your fear for trust:

When you are driven by fear, you live a desperate life. In an attempt to save your future from the fear of isolation, you can find yourself taking control of everything and everyone in your life.  Fear can drive you to make harmful choices.  It can push you to give your heart away too quickly and cause you to take risks you were never intended to take.  The first step to being gracefully available is in exchanging your fear for trust in God- trusting that He knows the way, and that His plan for your life is always what’s best.  Exchanging fear for trust will ultimately free you to live abundantly rather than desperately.

2.  Get involved in things you love: 

The best way to meet a potential match is to get out there and do what you love.  Find activities and passions that resonate with your heart, because there, you will find people who connect with your heart.  The best relationships are made up of two people with similar passions and shared interests.  Invest in the kind of places that will draw you to these kinds of people, all the while quenching your heart with the things you love the most.

3.  Be open to making new friends:

Christian young adults can be terrified of male/female friendships.  Afraid of risking a broken heart, or looking inappropriate to the innocent passerby, it’s easy to avoid friendships that could very well be the foundation of finding a future mate.  Take off the pressure of getting married, and be open to making friends.  Whether or not these friendships lead to marriage, they can lead to encouragement, sharpening, and an all-around broadening of horizons.

4.  Don’t be shy about singleness: 

It’s okay to spread the word about your singleness, in fact, I recommend it!  Don’t hide from the fact that you are not in a relationship, embrace it.  There will be a time and place to give your life to another, but until then, focus on giving your life to the world around you.  Singleness is a time of growth, maturity, and learning about yourself- things are easy to miss out on when you are focused on finding the one.  Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of love, rather take the time to find yourself.

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