25 Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling for You Even if He’s Hiding It

1. People make comments

If your friends and family keep asking whether you both are dating, there’s a natural chemistry that you might be unaware of. In fact, because of this chemistry, some guys may assume you already have a boyfriend so they don’t bother making a move on you. If your guy friend likes you, he’ll definitely like hearing this!

2. You do relationship activities together

If you observe any regular couples, quality time together often consists of going to the movies, watching TV at home, dining out, and taking Instagram photos. If you spend hours together constantly, there’s obviously a vibe you can’t just ignore.
If you often have to convince yourself that you’re just friends, maybe it’s because the opposite is true.

3. You shared a moment

Whether it’s sitting together on the couch or sharing a particularly vulnerable moment together, this is where you wonder if he wants to tell you something, or is interested in something more.
You need to pay closer attention to the signs your guy friend is falling for you because if it turns out that he really wants to tell you something, it’s important that you listen. After all, this could be the moment of truth about the revelation of his feelings for you.

4. He doesn’t talk about other women

This is an important sign to know if your guy friend likes you. When you’re naturally just friends with someone, a normal part of that friendship is talking about the people you like or admire.

If he’s specifically not mentioning any girl when talking to you, he might be intentionally letting you know that he’s not interested in anyone other than you.

Even if he does mention other girls, he always finds their little quirks to be dealbreakers for him. If he sees you as just a friend, he shouldn’t be putting off talking about other women around you.

5. He’s protective over you

One of the best things about having guy friends is that they’ll naturally be protective over you. However, if a guy friend is falling for you, he’ll fight off guys who are clearly disrespecting you and will go out of his way to stand up for you.

If you see that his actions are clearly not something you see from your other guy friends, he probably sees you as more than a friend. While you shouldn’t use this sign as a basis alone, if it’s combined with other concrete signs, then he definitely likes you.

6. You know each other’s families

It’s completely normal that even if you’ve been friends for years, you haven’t met the parents of your guy friends. So if it turns out that you know his family and they treat you like another family member, you might want to start rethinking the conditions of your friendship.

If both your families know your friendship so well, you need to start wondering why that is the case.

7. He remembers every detail you’ve told him

With all our friends, it’s not always easy to keep up with their stories and the significant details in their lives. With any average guy, he won’t remember the details of what you told him, but the general idea of what you said.

If a guy friend is falling for you, however, he will remember every detail that has to do with you. In fact, you’ll find yourself shocked that they remembered something so minor from an event that happened years ago.

8. He talks about the future

When we say the future, this doesn’t imply marriage and kids – you can take a step back and breathe. When he talks about the future, this means any short-term plans such as taking you to his cousin’s wedding or any trips he wants to have over the weekend.

It’s not a guy’s strength to plan even the short-term future so when he includes you in those plans, he’s starting to fall for you.

On the contrary, if he doesn’t like you, he won’t even attempt to come up with excuses to hang out with you.

9. He spends most of his free time with you

Whether you realize this or not, guys are particular about who and what they spend their free time on. If he spends his free time with you and keeps coming up with every excuse in the book just to do so, this is something that only a guy with feelings for you would do.
This isn’t just because he’s bored or has nothing better to do, but he intentionally prioritizes spending time with you over anything else. Unless you really like someone, you don’t spend all your time with someone!

10. He gives you that look

Guys have a certain look they only give to those they’re attracted to – and it’s a look full of feelings. It’s the same look you see in romantic movies that a guy gives a girl when he’s falling for her and it’s as if he’s declaring his love for her with his eyes.
If a guy friend is giving you that same look, perhaps it’s time to pay closer attention instead of choosing to ignore it.

11. He can’t stop talking about you

When a guy likes you, he can’t get enough of talking about you to his family and friends. He won’t stop gushing about you, whether it’s about your life, your personality, or anything related to you.
From the perspective of his friends and family, it’s obvious that he doesn’t just see you as a friend. He’s obviously quite head over heels for you, even when he won’t admit this to himself.

12. He breaks the touch barrier

While it’s completely normal for guys and girls to share physical contact that doesn’t mean anything, more often than not, sometimes, it can mean more than just friendship.
When a guy is attracted to you, he would try hard to touch you, even if your relationship is categorized as just friendship. This could come in the form of constant hugs, or accidental grazes to your arm.

13. He takes initiative

When a guy friend likes you, it’s confusing to tell the difference between friendship and his feelings for you. When he takes the initiative to do things for you or with you, it can be a concrete sign that what he feels isn’t merely just friendship.

This can come in the form of opening your car door, helping you with your homework, or getting to know personal details about you that your other guy friends just don’t generally care much about. Remember, if a guy likes you, he’ll want to get to know you better.

14. He shows his vulnerability

If there’s anything that most men dislike, it’s being vulnerable and transparent with their feelings. If he isn’t scared to show you his vulnerable side and wears his heart on his sleeve around you but not so much with other people, that’s one of the signs your guy friend has some kind of deeper feelings for you.

This could indicate that he’s seriously falling for you, whether he admits it to himself or not. No typical guy would ever be willing to be vulnerable with their emotions as they assume this to be a sign of weakness – not unless they really like that person.

15. He stares at you a lot

Guys aren’t often aware when they unintentionally stare at a girl, especially when they’re admiring her from afar. If you catch your guy friend staring at you more than usual – and not in a creepy and stalker way – then he might have feelings for you.

Perhaps, he’s staring at you to get a better look at you when you aren’t looking back at him. He might also be admiring the way you look, the way you hold yourself, or the way you laugh.

16. He talks to you… a lot!

If you’re looking for signs your guy friend has feelings for you, pay attention to how often he initiates conversations with you.

If you find that he often texts you or calls you for the smallest of reasons, he might like you more than he’s letting on. Whether it’s about your homework or the silliest dramas going on at work, a guy won’t just talk to you on a regular basis if he doesn’t have feelings for you.

17. He initiates one-on-one hangouts

This is a very important sign your guy friend has feelings for you because guys don’t usually go out of their way to initiate hanging out with just the two of you alone, unless they’re attracted to you and want to get to know you better.

If he is constantly asking you to hang out with him, to watch a movie or go out for coffee, even though his other friends are also free to hang out, it can be an indicator that he has feelings for you.

18. He compliments you

Unless your guy friend is really good with words, guys don’t necessarily excel at going out of their way to compliment someone. They know that this can be perceived as flirting and they wouldn’t risk that unless they really like that person.

With that being said, if he does compliment you, especially when he makes a habit out of it, he doesn’t just see you as his friend. Either he’s flirting with you or he just wants to let you know that he admires you, while still being subtle about it.

19. He acts nervous around you

The general rule of thumb is that you don’t act nervous around someone unless they’re someone you want to be with, or have feelings for. If you see your guy friend acting unusually nervous around you while he acts normal with his other friends, he could be hiding his feelings and admiration for you. If you sense that he isn’t being himself, then it could be a sign of something going on.

20. He supports everything you do

Friends don’t just support you all the way. Sometimes, they’re also blunt enough to tell you how it actually is. If your guy friend is constantly over-supportive of everything you do, even the decisions that seem wrong and irrational, then he might be falling for you.

It’s the same reason why when we like someone, we always put our best foot forward, afraid of possibly saying or doing something wrong.

21. He makes you laugh

If your guy friend is always coming up with ways to make you laugh, even if it’s with the cheesiest jokes, you should pay attention to his behavior.

If you find that he’s not doing this to any other girl but you, then it can be a reflection of his feelings for you. After all, they say that the key to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh. And he’s taking that seriously!

22. He notices things about you

Another thing that guys aren’t known for is being keen observers, so if your guy friend notices the little details about you like the way you laugh or the things you particularly dislike, these aren’t actions of someone who sees you as just a friend.

These are the things you do when you’re falling for someone, which could be the case for your guy friend.

23. He respects you

Unless a guy is really into you, he wouldn’t really care about respecting you and refraining from crossing any lines with you.

Whether it’s your boundaries or personal beliefs, a guy friend who likes you would do everything to respect who you are and everything you stand for, especially as if he wants to gain your trust and eventually, your heart.

24. He gets jealous

Another clear indicator that your guy friend has feelings for you is when he acts frustrated or irritated when you talk or rant about other guys to him.

This is an unusual reaction because if he simply sees you as just a friend, he shouldn’t have any adverse reactions to your love life and potential boyfriends!

25. He confesses his feelings for you

Finally, after all the subtle signs, here’s one of those signs a guy friend has feelings for you that’s a real giveaway! When your guy friend finally musters the courage to declare his feelings for you and admit that what he feels is more than friendship, that’s when you know it’s real.

If a guy friend tells you he likes you, pay attention to the other signs here to know how true his feelings for you are. But this is pretty much all you need.

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