DO YOU AGREE? Bishop David Oyedepo Is A Chronic Pulpit Bandit Even At 66

DO YOU AGREE? Bishop David Oyedepo Is A Chronic Pulpit Bandit Even At 66

So I heard that Oyedepo budgeted $500 Million Dollars for 9,250 churches in Nigeria in 2021. WOW! Glory be to God!💃

The Daddy GO of Winners Church, Bishop David Oyedepo told his Shiloh congregation that his church has budgeted the sum of N200 billion ($500 million) to build 9,250 new churches in in Nigeria come 2021.

Claimed that the proposed new churches would become solution centres for humanity where Christians can always gather to pray against the increasing rate of unemployment, insecurity and lack of infrastructure in the country.

Bishop David Oledepo is a pulpit bandit at 66. We don’t need Churches or praying centers to control/ reduce unemployment in Nigeria. We have been praying from time immemorial, if prayer house alone can reduce unemployment, we have plenty of them already. Build more industries/companies, employ the youths. Simple as ABC.

Most of his Church members are unemployed. They don’t have a job. His School Covenant University is the most expensive in Africa. 99% of his Church members can’t even afford it.

Now tell me how useful this man and his business centers called Winners Chapel is to us in this country. Defrauding gullible people in the name of God. Owrong!

200 billion naira, can build 20 standard factories that could give jobs to over 500,000 of his Church members at least. But he chooses to build more 9,250 business centers (Churches).🙄


Bishop David Oyedepo Is A Chronic Pulpit Bandit

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