23 Ways to know he’s one for you, if he has these qualities stay with him

23 Ways to know he’s one for you, if he has these qualities stay with him

1. When you’re around the individual, you’ll feel at ease. When deciding whether a partner is right for you, one of the most important feelings to look for is comfort. It’s a positive sign if you feel at ease, at peace, and confident when you’re with this guy. On the other hand, it’s a red flag if you’re always on edge, scared, nervous, always anticipating a war, or feeling overlooked. Your soul and body are warning you to be cautious.

2. Mutual Respect. You must respect the person you wish to marry, and the person you wish to marry must respect you. If you’re having trouble respecting this person on your own, end the relationship now. It’s also a red flag if you’re continually disrespected.
Disrespect manifests itself in a variety of ways, including frequent shouting, name-calling, continuous lying, flirting with others, and so on. In a safe, stable, and healthy relationship, you won’t have to deal with any of these issues.

3. Be wary of prophecies and visions. This is something I can’t emphasize sufficiently. We caution people against marrying anyone because they were given a prophecy or vision, or because they had any dreams. Although dreams, visions, and other people’s prophecies can provide us with some insight, we should not base our decisions on them.
For deciding who this person will be, learn to trust your heart rather than your mind, a dream, or a prophecy. One thing is certain: God will lead you in the right direction.

4. Empathy. Everyone has low points, whether they are sick, upset at work, in a bad mood, or just shut down due to a situation. When someone shows sincere concern for you when you’re going through a difficult time, it’s a positive indication that they’re the right person for you.

5. Shared values. It’s true that opposites attract, but you and the person you want to marry should share some values. Do you have spiritual ideals and beliefs that are close to mine? Do you share any of the same viewpoints on those issues? You’re on the right track if you and the person you want to marry share a lot of the same beliefs and values.

6. When you’re apart. It’s quick to say things like, “I can’t sit here until I see him/her.” I’m not sure I’ll be able to go on without you.” When you marry, keep in mind that you will not always be together 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Job, travel, or other factors may cause you to be separated for an extended period of time. If you and your future partner feel very uncomfortable when you’re apart, it’s time to have a serious talk.

7. Willing to work on the relationship. If you have an unforced desire to make the relationship work, it means you believe it is worthwhile.

8. What is your vision for life? Have you known it? I always counsel young people who don’t know exactly where they are going in life not to date. The first thing to do with your life is to know your direction and purpose in life. When you date and share your vision, does your partner believe in your vision and encourage it? If you’re not excited about sharing your life vision with them, then they are not the right ones.
But if there’s some sort of excitement and encouragement towards your dream and vision, then you’re on the right track.

9. There are times that doubts will come up in a relationship. It’s either you’re the one doubting your partner or you’re the one being doubted. But how these times are managed is important for you to know if you are on the right track or not.
When doubts come and go, then it’s under control. But when they stick and there’s too much questioning, then it’s a sign of deeper problems in the relationship. Trust your instincts and take a closer look to figure out why this is so.

10. Many times, there are no straight answers when it comes to whether someone is right for you or not. The checklists here and many others out there can provide some clarity, but the most important of it all is that green or red check in your heart.
It’s a green light when you have peace, excitement, some unseen assurance, and confidence in you. It’s a danger when there is fear, worry, and some unseen reluctance and pull back in you over the relationship.
The truth is that your body always tells you a lot about what’s going on. The signs to proceed or not are always there but most times, we get carried away and ignore them.

11. You have a sense of independence. It’s also a positive sign if you have a sense of liberation while you’re with him or her. You feel free to say whatever is on your mind, to bring up difficult subjects, and to simply express yourself without fear of being judged. If it’s the other way around, it’s a bad sign.

12. You make spending quality time together a priority. Bonded couples are happy with the amount of time they spend together and find activities they can enjoy together. “When couples come to me because infidelity is involved and their connection fell apart, it can be because they’ve stopped spending time together and having fun together. So do activities—go to the gym together, ride bikes, spend time with friends, goin 2 cinema or some place like that together and have new experiences. It’s bonding.

13. You openly share your thoughts and feelings. In a healthy relationship, you can open up and share how you feel without your partner mocking you, rolling his eyes at you or ignoring you. It’s really important to be able to articulate if something is bothering you—whether it’s about your own personal stuff or if your partner is doing something that’s upsetting you. Having open communication and constructive criticism is an opportunity for you both to take.

14. When a man is the right one, he will treat you with respect, honour you and adore you because he’s not dating you for fun, he’s dating you for serious relationship and marriage.

15. The man will support you financially and other things, he will support your career and make your dreams come true.

16. When a man he’s the one for you, caring for you will become his top priority, he will like to see you smile, he will do everything possible to see you happy.

17. Real men understands a woman opinion matters in a relationship, a man who truly love his woman will listen to his woman opinion. When he’s a wrong man whatever you said doesn’t make sense to him.

18. When you are dating the right man, even if he’s not ready for marriage and commitment, you’ll see him making effort to get ready to marry you.

19. No keeping malice, he forgive you and forget about the offense, he understands you not perfect, he will be ready to forgive you because he’s loves you and doesn’t want little misunderstanding to destroy the relationship.

20. Right man for you will adjust to your life, he will compromise and adapt to your life to be with you, when a man is in love with you he will not leave you because of your flaws, he will try to adjust and make sure everything become easy.

21. Many guys are cheats but not all men cheats, a man who truly in love with you will not cheat on you. When you with right person, being faithful and loyal to you will be as easier as ABCD, he will love you and stay with you forever.

22. When you dating a right man, anything called playing games is prohibited, right man want serious relationship, right man want commitment, right man want peace of mind and happiness. He will respect you and give you peace of mind.

23. Right man is the man who want to take the relationship to next level, he will plan to settle down, he will do everything possible to marry you, he will understand you, he will appreciate you, he will take care of you, he won’t take your love for granted, he will give you permanent love by committing to you, right man is not a pretender – he’s a man of integrity and honesty, right man for you not a cheater, not a liars and not heart breaker.

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