DO YOU AGREE? Dating Before Marriage Is Not Necessary (See Why)

DO YOU AGREE? Dating Before Marriage Is Not Necessary (See Why)

Some days ago, the Solomon of our time, Prince Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian lawyer, politician, humanitarian, husband to teen actress Regina Daniels, said is not necessary to date before marriage. If you like a woman, marry her straightaway.

Some fvck boys begin para. Including some ladies. SMH🤦

But that’s the truth. You can’t study human being in the next 600 years, especially a woman. It’s a progressive thing, not something you can do with months or years.

Some will say “I want to know the kind of person he or she is”. YOU CAN’T! Wife beaters were once calm and gentle during courtship. Ladies that insult and abuse their husbands were once calm and gentle. But immediately after marriage, Wahala burst.

The thing is, make sure you marry based on interest. So dat if marriage crash, nobody go lose. If it works out, fine. Ned married Regina because she’s an actress. He knew how popular he will get and of course, he got it las las. If their marriage end right now, nobody lose. Ned got fame through Regina, while she became rich through him(Ned). Simple!

If you’re not financially stable, then you don’t need a need a job. Same goes to the need a job not a man.

I support Ned Nwoko. Dating before marriage ain’t necessary.


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