21 Ways to make your husband fall in love with you again and again

1. Get back the power

How to make him fall in love with me?

When you ask a question like this, you give him the power over you and the relationship.

And this is not wise, as it is you who can turn things around. So, get your power back, and focus on yourself! You are not powerless, even if it can feel like this sometimes. And it’s a good idea to give him some space.

2. Give yourself some time

And give him some time too. If you had a talk or noticed the signs of him not being so much into you anymore, it’s best to have some time to process things.

And it could happen that exactly during this time when you are focused on yourself and taking the time to deal with everything, he might notice things changed and come back to you.  

3. Learn to let go 

It’s not easy, and this is not what you want to hear, but sometimes, to bring him back, you need to learn to let go.

You can have a fulfilled, happy life with or without him. You need to understand this, and he should know it too. You can’t force love, but you can bring it back with the right attitude. 

4. Don’t compete for his love 

Maybe he has met someone. He told you he doesn’t love you anymore, and he wants a divorce. Don’t beg for his love, and don’t compete for it. He is not the prize here. YOU are. It’s always you. Let him go gracefully, and he might have a quick change of heart.

5. Let him see he can lose you

When someone is always available and desperate for our time and attention, we might be tempted to take it for granted.

Even get annoyed with it. He’s distant, and he said he doesn’t love you anymore. Get back his attention showing him that you are worthy of love, and if he doesn’t love you, maybe someone else will.

6. Don’t try to manipulate him or change the outcome

Love is not a game you can win with strategies and manipulations.

There is no reward in tricking someone into being there for you a little longer. Instead of trying to change the outcome, and act in a manner that might not make you proud in the long run, get back to your feminine energy and focus on yourself.

7. Set healthy boundaries

It might sound like the last thing you should do when you are desperate for his love and attention. But desperation won’t bring him back. Healthy boundaries might. A woman who knows what she wants and asks for it gently but firmly is impossible to resist.

8. Appreciate the little things he does for you

A “thank you,” “I appreciate this,” “I see you” can make all the difference when love seems lost.

If he grew distant because he feels misunderstood in the relationship, this could bring him back faster than a million of “I love you”s.  

9. Try the no-contact rule

You want to be in his presence as much as possible now. You send messages that are left unanswered. Your calls go to voicemail. Or you get just monosyllabic answers that make you crave his attention even more.

This is not getting you anywhere, obviously. You noticed this already. So, it’s time to turn things around. The no-contact rule would be a good idea if he told you he is unsure about how he feels about you or if he already asked for a divorce.

And all you have to do is tell him you need time alone to think. You can move out of the house for a while, or he can. Whatever suits YOU best.

The lack of contact for a few weeks or months,  will allow him to miss you and remember all the little things you do together, or you do for him.

10. Make new friends and go out

Just because you have issues in your relationship, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your social life. Make new friends, and you will notice that this can have a surprising effect on your partner.

Seeing how people seek your company might make him think twice about what he’s losing. He will understand that he needs to keep his eyes on you if he doesn’t want to lose you for good. And he might start putting in the efforts, instead of jumping ship!

11. Change your look

Get a manicure and a pedicure, or maybe it’s time for a new haircut and a new dress? A day at the spa sounds amazing, and it can really help you take your mind off things and relax. You deserve some pampering and to look your best.

Don’t let him see you with dark circles under your eyes, crying and in unflattering clothes. It’s time you show him the best of you. The new you.

12. Start new healthy routines 

You wanted to go to the gym for years but never found the time. Or you wanted to eat healthier, but he was always tempting you with cookies, cakes, and ice cream. Now it’s the perfect time to start new healthy habits. Like exercising regularly and eating healthy food.

Not only that it will make you feel better on an emotional level, but the chances are that you’ll look hotter too in a matter of weeks. Let him see how well you’re doing and what he could be missing if he gets a divorce.

13. Forget to call him back from time to time 

You have a busy schedule, places to go, people to see. It’s ok if you forget to return his calls for a few hours, maybe even days, if possible. It’s a good idea to show him you are busy, your life doesn’t revolve around him.

When you are not available for him anymore at all times, he will learn to appreciate your time and company more. Fighting for a bit of your time is such a challenge!

14. Smile when you talk to him

It’s not easy, but this is one of those situations when you have to fake it until you make it.

He will be intrigued by your smile, your positivity, and your kind words. Because he’s probably expecting crying, reproaches, and more of the same, so smile, be kind, and generous. It always pays off! A positive attitude is definitely sexy!

15. Don’t make plans for the future

Don’t talk to him about all the plans you made and how you want to grow old with him.

There is nothing sexy in a woman rowing the boat. Let him take charge when he is ready. If he is the One, he’ll remember his commitments. Live in the moment and show him what he’ll gain if he decides to spend the rest of his days with you.

16. Don’t be at his whim 

It’s good to keep a certain distance, at least from time to time.

Take a step back and let him see what he’ll lose if you break up. If you are always available for him and put his interests before yours, he might be tempted to take you for granted and realize too late how good you were to him.

Save him from later regrets, and put yourself first.

17. Impress him

With little things, like a home-cooked meal if you didn’t do this in a while, a song you wrote, a new skill you have acquired. Impress him, but make it look like he saw it by accident.

You want him to think that he still has so much to discover about you.  

18. Compliment him 

One of the easiest methods to get someone’s attention is to talk about them and their accomplishments. Compliment him sincerely and openly. Compliment his choice of clothes, the wine he ordered at the restaurant, his work. Something simple but meaningful. And look him in the eyes while doing so. 

19. Don’t make reproaches

One of the fastest ways to get someone to leave is by making reproaches. “You didn’t call me back!”, “You don’t have time for me anymore,” you don’t do this, you don’t do that. You don’t want to do this.

Keep a calm and composed attitude if you want him to love you again. 

20. Be authentic

Embrace the good, the not-so-good, and be proud of yourself. There are a few things sexier than a woman who shows confidence, solid values, and positivity!

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