18 Reasons why you keep falling in love with wrong people

18 Reasons why you keep falling in love with wrong people.

Dating while desperate is always a bad idea, this pushes you to attach yourself to the first person to come along, rather than to the right person.

1. If you’re not sure about what your standards are, it’s time to find out. Write down the things that made you unhappy in your last few relationships. Now write down the things that made you happy. Finally, write down the attributes of your dream partner.

From this list, you should be able to begin discerning what your standards are. Stick to them instead of just going out with anyone who comes along, and your dating life will improve dramatically.

2. Saying no to relationships that don’t bring you peace and joy can give you the opportunity to say yes to the good ones.

3. You think you can change your partner. Everyone you date is going to have a few negatives, but instead of glossing them over, you need to examine them closely, asking yourself “Will I still be okay with this in a few years?” If you can answer this question honestly, you’ll be in a much better position to either get out of a bad relationship or embrace a great one.

4. The truth is that you have to save yourself before you’re ready for a new relationship, no one can do that for you. Someone else’s version of your perfect life will never make you happy, and distracting yourself from your problems will only put off their resolution.
Instead, see a relationship as a source of joy and healthy interaction rather than an opportunity to drown a partner with your burdens, you’ll be a better partner, and you’ll attract better people.

5. If you are in a relationship, and you recognize that it is heading toward the same negative outcome as past relationships, you can stop the momentum and avoid another tragic ending. You and your partner are most likely collaborating in creating the negative dynamics in your relationship.

6. Remember that it’s never late to end a relationship that is not good for you. If you failed to see the red flags, if you rushed through the process and are now involved in a toxic relationship, take the step and end it.

7. You don’t love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. Sounds harsh, but that’s the truth. Unless you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, you will never get the love you are hoping for. Unless you confront your demons and heal your emotional wounds, you cannot hope to love someone the right way.

8. You are afraid of being alone. Getting into a relationship because you feel alone is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make when it comes to finding love. True love can never stem out of desperation or the fear of being alone. Getting into a relationship just because everyone else is, is never the right reason, and will only make you feel more alone later.

9. You are still holding onto the past. Rebound relationships might sound fun on paper, but then you are always at a risk of falling for the person and they might not. It’s really not a good idea to get into a new relationship, in order to move on from a previous one. You might feel good for a few days, but after a point, all of the unresolved issues are going to catch up with you.

10. You jump from one to another relationship quickly. You don’t give yourself enough time. Time to discover who you are. Time to think about what you really want from a partner. Time to be sad and recover. Time to enjoy with yourself. Getting yourself a new partner repeatedly doesn’t mean you’ll get the real one. Think about that.

11. You choose a partner based on their physical appearance. I’m not saying you should fall in love with someone you don’t feel attracted to. I’m saying, looks shouldn’t be the only thing you pay attention to. Personality is something which should be taken into consideration while dating as well. So, if you’re about to choose between someone who’s incredibly handsome but treats you badly and the one who’s the total opposite, who’d you choose? Look beyond chemistry.

12. You accept their lies. You fail to pay attention to facts. You’re so in love that you enjoy romanticizing situations. Their lies always seem to be sweet and innocent. Be cautious. When you have your head in the clouds, keep your feet on the ground. Step back and watch what they do instead of what they tell. Don’t make it become their habit by accepting lies again and again.

13. You keep falling in love with emotionally unavailable people. A person who already has a partner, the one who’s interested in sex only, the one who shows love through texting and long-distance relationships… No matter they say they love you the most, you’ll always end up as their second option. You’re much more than that.

14. You don’t know what you want. It’s more than important for you to be clear about your own thoughts and feelings and what type of person you’d like to attract. Explore yourself from within. If you’re not sure about what you want and need, you’ll always attract the wrong type of person. And that’s devastating.

15. You tend to choose men with commitment issues may be because you actually have that fear of commitment. And often people cannot understand that and so they keep rejecting good partners.

16. Ignoring all red flags, you tend to overthink and create new imagination which doesn’t have any connection with the reality.

17. Drama follows you. Maybe you create it, maybe you enjoy being around it, or maybe you’re just a magnet for it. Whatever the reason is, you have drama surrounding you in every part of your life. Naturally, it follows you into your love life as well.

18. You don’t believe that you are deserving of anything better in life. Because you don’t believe you’ll be able to discover a better match, you keep choosing the incorrect partner. Even worse, you don’t believe you are deserving of a more compatible companion. When you realise that you are deserving of nothing less than the best, you will be able to discover her.

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