15 Ways to know he’s inviting you to his house to sleep with you

15 Ways to know he’s inviting you to his house to sleep with you

When a guy rushes a relationship, he wants to sleep with you. Guys that only want to sleep with you have a short attention span. They have no desire to learn about you. To connect up and leave. Also, if he keeps pressing you to do things for him, you get the idea he’s losing interest in you. It’s all a ruse to get you to do his bidding.

1. He tells many sexist jokes. S’e’x is a way for him to communicate with you. Every time he speaks to you, he has one thought. While he may find s’e’x jokes humorous, if he’s making them often, it indicates he’s thinking about it. That’s it. You are the object of his sexual desire.

2. He just wants to spend time with you. He’ll vehemently reject a third wheel. On the first date, he may allow you to bring a friend, but he prefers it to be just the two of you. If he insists on spending the entire night conversing, it’s a good sign.
A passing acquaintance, he may reject to meet any of your acquaintances.
If he cancels when you suggest bringing a buddy, it either means he doesn’t want to chance not hooking up that night, or he doesn’t like the fact that you didn’t tell him about your friend.
He will not want to pay for two people’s costs, but he must.

His efforts to know you are minimal. He takes no effort to get to know you. He doesn’t try to communicate or get to know you. He doesn’t care about your interests or personality. He has no interest in your hopes or dreams.

4. He makes you want to act quickly. He constantly encourages you to move quickly through the stages of your relationship. He’s constantly late. He still expects you to do things for him. To keep up with him is to risk being dropped. It’s his technique of tying you up and getting what he wants immediately.

5. He just compliments your looks. Just because he likes you doesn’t make you a lucky girl. He should also praise your character. If he doesn’t, he’s probably only interested in you because of your looks.

6. He says things that make you want to s’e’x him.

7. He owns up. He told you he doesn’t want a relationship, doesn’t have time for one, can’t deal with one, and just wants to have some fun. You decide whether to listen or not. Remember that most guys won’t tell a woman bad news unless they truly mean it.

8. This may be his most direct signal. His obvious s’e’x clues are hard to miss.
Naturally, it depends on your goals. Sleep with him if you don’t love him but trust him enough to keep your reputation. Remember to be cautious.
If you don’t want a committed relationship with him, fight the urge to give in. You’ll almost certainly regret it.

9. He offers you a massage. It’s one of the book’s oldest tactics. He drives you, rubs you, and prepares you for s’e’x. He’ll seek another massage if the first doesn’t work.

10. If he doesn’t get his way, he gives up. Slow down if you want to avoid unnecessary sorrow and frustration.

11. He doesn’t make you feel special. Get a friend that will appreciate you and isn’t only looking for a physical relationship.

12. He’s not interested in your personal life. He probably doesn’t care if you tell him what’s on your mind because he’s too busy playing stuffs, chatting or going through Facebook on his phone. He isn’t interested in you unless you are naked.

13. When you bring up a relationship, he attempts to avoid it. If a guy avoids discussing relationships, it’s safe to conclude he doesn’t want to be with you.
If he refuses to answer directly or simply answers to please you, he’s in it for s’e’x.

14. You have a feeling he dislikes you. An unrespectful man will seduce a lady but never commit to her, and send her contradictory signals. This is because he struggles with commitment.
A great connection requires respect. If he doesn’t respect you, he’s only interested in s’e’x, then you should stop seeing him.

15. While he may be reserved in his speech, his body language can communicate a lot. Take note of his treatment of you. Does he lean in closer while you talk? Is he often seducing you? Is he frequently staring at your cleavage or your thighs?
If your partner exhibits several of these traits, he probably wants to make love to you.

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