15 Things you can do to make a guy realize he’s losing you

15 Things you can do to make a guy realize he’s losing you

1. Flirt with the other guys a little. Let him know that nothing is fixed in stone between you and him. If he isn’t treating you well, politely remind him that you can date other men as well. You must not deceive him in any way. That is an outright no-no. A little flirting here and there, on the other hand, should enough as a warning to him.

2. Rearrange the furniture in your room. All guys are concerned about losing their sexual privileges. And if you remind him of how amazing you can be in the bedroom, he’ll think twice about letting you go. In addition, if you begin to incorporate new things into your routine, he will feel forced to do the same.

3. Keep your focus on yourself. Attempt to focus exclusively on yourself. Make it clear to him that he is not the center of your universe. He will also have a better knowledge of what he should be doing to make you feel appreciated if you commit some time to self-care and self-love.

4. Go out and have a wonderful time with your friends. You shouldn’t limit yourself to merely hanging out with your boyfriend. Go out with your friends and socialize. Of course, he must recognize that other individuals are still capable of providing social fulfilment and camaraderie. That card shouldn’t be in the hands of just him.

5. At all times, put yourself first. Allowing oneself to go to the bottom of the priority list is never a good choice. If his boys cancel on a night out with him and he comes to you as a backup, don’t be too available. Make sure he understands that you are the most important person in this situation.

6. Stop saying “yes” to anything that comes your way. Make it a practice to say no. When you care about someone, it’s natural to want to do everything you can to make them happy. This, however, may not be a good choice because you can end up jeopardizing your health.

7. Stop constantly putting yourself out there for him. You don’t want to give him the idea that you have no other interests. Don’t drop everything for him right away if he ever asks you out. He must, after all, be aware that you have other obligations that occupy your time, energy, and attention. It can’t be about him alone.

8. As soon as possible, stop responding to him. It’s always a fantastic thing when you use technology to interact with your partner. We do, after all, live in the Information Age. However, you can’t be making yourself so accessible to him through text messaging. Don’t make it seem like you’re waiting for him to send you a text.

9. Make plans without thinking about him. It can be beneficial to remind him that you can make plans without him. This will indicate to him that you are not in need of his services and that he must work hard to earn a future position with you. If you don’t do something, he’ll start taking you for granted.

10. Excessive attachment should be avoided. Stop trying to be clinging all of the time. It will not only be embarrassing for you, but it will also be despised by him. The majority of men do not want to be in a relationship with a clingy woman. He’ll also respect your independence. As a result, you must be able to provide him with alone time and space.

11. Ask him to put in more effort. Sometimes it will take you directly asking someone to put in more effort with you. It is never a nice situation to have to do so, however, if this is your partner’s first relationship, he may just not know how you feel. If you do not ask him to put in more effort, he may never do so. You should be honest with him and ask him to change his ways if you want him to do so.

If you ask him to put more effort in with you when it comes to planning dates or buying you little gifts, notice whether he does make these changes. If his ways stay the same, he may not be that invested in your relationship.

12. Think carefully about what you want. Before you come up with a plan to make him believe he’s losing you it is important to first consider whether this guy will ever make you happy. Perhaps you are unhappy together not because he isn’t putting in enough effort but simply because you are not compatible with one another. Think about this before putting in too much time and effort if it won’t work anyway.

If you are unhappy in your relationship, it is important to take the time to figure out what is the real problem. You may have led yourself to believe that the problem is small and fixable when in fact, you may just not be right for each other.

13. Stop doing everything for him. Perhaps you have been together for a long time and you do a lot of things for your partner such as his laundry or cooking his dinner. He may not realize or appreciate everything that you do for him. If you want to make a guy realize how lucky he is, then stop doing all of the things that you do for him and get him to finally start appreciating you.

14. Stop caring so much. If this man does not care enough about your relationship, it is important that you focus on other things and stop caring about him so much. At least try to show that you no longer care so much even if you do. However, if he sees that you are losing interest, he may start putting in more of an effort to get your attention.

15. Give him the silent treatment. If you’re dating and you want your guy to realize he’s losing you, one of the best ways to grab his attention is to say nothing. Give him the silent treatment.

Don’t respond to his texts instantly with heart emoji’s the second he’s sent a message. Leave his call to go to voicemail more than you pick up. Don’t answer his phone calls. Ignore Facetime calls. By doing this you’ll get him wondering what’s going on.

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