13 Topics To Discuss With Your Crush

1. ‘Did you see yesterday night’s game?’
But, before you ping this question, do your homework because you don’t want to start talking about sports with someone who doesn’t care. If kids are interested in sports, though, this is an excellent place to begin.

All you have to do to come up with fascinating topics to discuss with your crush is figure out what their own interests are. So brush up on your football lingo before telling them about last night’s game.

2. Play a game of “Would You Rather?”
Playing this game will not only make you appear amusing, but it will also help you get to know your sweetheart better. Suggestion a few rounds of Would You Rather once you’ve started small talk. You can move on to other question games and maybe even try your hand at some get to know me questions if you wish.

He or she will not be able to say no because the game is so simple and requires so little effort. Make up some unusual questions to show them how inventive you are. After this one, you might find yourself exchanging a lot of chuckles!

3. Talk about your trip plans.
Talking about travel or even mentioning different nations might spark an enthralling conversation between you and your partner. You might learn something about your crush’s ambitions and dreams. You may begin by saying, “I’m planned a trip to the Dominican Republic next month.” ‘Have you been there before?’ Alternatively, go a different approach and tell your own strange trip narrative.

If you mention something along the lines of, “Oh jeez, that one time my sister got lost in the Grand Canyon…” you will pique her attention and possibly elicit some fascinating stories from her!

4. ‘Which band have you always wanted to see perform live?’
Rephrasing the simple inquiry, “What sort of music do you like?” this is undoubtedly one of the finest topics to discuss with your crush. We all enjoy listening to music, and even more, we all enjoy finding new genres and musicians.

We guarantee that talking about music or your favorite performers will not become tedious. If your musical tastes are comparable, you might even gain brownie points.

5. Discuss your time at university or in high school.
Anyone who claims they have no amusing anecdotes from their university days or high school is most likely lying. We had our best days when we were younger, and there’s no doubt that you’ll recall them as if they happened yesterday.

A lot can happen over coffee while recalling your joyful days from when you were younger, from rude teachers to distinctive peers you’ll always remember, to dorm fests and dating in college. Bring up some of your own amusing anecdotes to make them laugh as well!

6. Talk about the things you don’t like!
Yes, you read that correctly. People come closer when they share common interests, but when they share common irritants or disgusts, they become even closer. If you despise influencer culture or even mint mayonnaise, add this to your list of topics to discuss with your crush.

‘Last night, Starbucks mixed up my order and offered me soy milk in my coffee. It smells so bad that I can’t bear it. ‘How about you, do you enjoy soy?’ is a wonderful place to begin.

7. Discuss celebrities
Celebrities are one of the most typical subjects to discuss with your crush, ranging from fashion to sports to movies, and it’s also a wonderful way to start a conversation. Find out what she thinks about the Kardashians. Inquire about his choice for the role of Batman.

There will undoubtedly be something to chat about with whichever celebrity you choose. You don’t have to enjoy or agree with all of the same celebrities. Simply have a good time exchanging your knowledge and thoughts!

8. ‘Do you enjoy cooking?’
What a sneaky method to get some tasty recipes! But, for genuine, ask them if they enjoy cooking or if they can prepare anything. If they don’t cook very often, you can tell them what kinds of dishes you like to prepare.

Take it a step further and use it as a pretext to engage in some healthy flirting. ‘I cook a fantastic lasagna. Come over one night and try some!’ That is one slick line!

9. Inquire about their acquaintances
Adding something like this to the mix will keep things light and entertaining and prevent your chat with your crush from becoming routine or dull. Who are their pals, and what do they do together on a regular basis? Is she in a small group of three people or a study group on Tuesdays and a different party group on Fridays? Is he a member of a sports team?

Of course, everyone has their own distinct features, but who we hang out with can reveal a lot about who we are to others. So, if you’re serious about dating her or him, this is the question for you.

10. ‘Can you tell me about your worst date ever?’
Now we’re really getting down to business. Who said your topics of conversation with your crush have to be too serious or formal? To truly get close to your crush, you must first create a comfortable environment for the two of you. Yes, you are permitted to have a little fun.

Everyone has had a disastrous first date, so I’m sure they’ll have a hilarious story to tell you. This manner, you can get a sense of their pet peeves and avoid doing things that irritate them. You’re a genius!

11. Provide them with counsel
Make yourself indispensable in the conversation, not just a standby, by offering different types of coffee and promoting workout videos on YouTube. Whatever topics you choose to discuss with your crush, they will always progress in a way that allows you to offer advise or recommendations on the subject at hand.

Mention how much they adore the program “Bojack Horseman” and how they might enjoy “Rick and Morty” as well! You’ll develop a relationship and camaraderie with them as a result, making them want to chat to you even more.

12. Pose strange and amusing questions to them.
And we’re talking about some crazy stuff. For example, you may ask them, “What would you do first if you were the opposing sex for a day?” alternatively, ‘How do you think you’d be as a suburban mom?’

If they have a dry sense of humor, they will find your questions amusing. But be aware that they might ask you something amusing!

13. Discuss your ideal life partner and relationships.
Because you want to impress your crush and discover if there’s a spark between the two of you, some of the things to discuss with him or her could be about love and dating. This way, you’ll get their perspective on the situation and get a sense of the terrain to see if the two of you are compatible as a couple.

Ask them questions such, “What are the three most significant things in a relationship?” or “What are the three most crucial things in a relationship?” Alternatively, find out what they look for in a life partner. Make sure they don’t get the impression that they’re being judged and that it comes off as a friendly dialogue. You don’t want to do that There’s a lot of strain on them right now.

So, if you’re attempting to avoid a nervous breakdown by asking, “Do you like sheep?” in the middle of a chat your somebody, we hope this list comes in handy. Be confident, be yourself, and converse with them as you would with anybody else.

It’s important to remember that this is only a crush and not the end of the world. But if they’re truly bothering you, stick to these topics to chat about with your crush and you’ll be OK.

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