13 Signs he’s just using you and will dumb you if you’re not careful

13 Signs he’s just using you and will dumb you if you’re not careful

1. No matter what you do, you can’t get your partner to open up. He doesn’t tell you about even the simplest of things, like what his hobbies are or what his weekend plans are. He also refuses to talk about his emotions, so you’re never really on the same page.

2. Selfishness is a terrible trait all around, but in relationships, it can be especially toxic. This trait is often the most definite sign that someone is using you; there’s just no way to look at this behavior in a positive light! Here are some signs to look out for.

3. Reluctance to compromise. Compromise is crucial in any relationship. If you feel like you’re getting a losing deal every time there’s a disagreement while your man walks away happy, he is taking advantage of your love for him to get what he wants.

4. You’re never a priority. A good partner is there for you when you need them unless they’re in their own inescapable situation. A man who uses you wouldn’t burden himself with being supportive or being there for you. As such, being in a relationship with a person like this can make you feel unimportant and lessen your positive thinking.

5. A lack of affection often points to a lack of interest, meaning that the man in your life may be with you for reasons that aren’t purely romantic.  A man who can’t keep his hands off you but doesn’t show any signs of interest in you beyond that might just be using you for intimacy. So if he can’t stop touching you but doesn’t care about your interests, feelings, or goals, it’s a red flag.

6. He doesn’t go out of his way for you. When you’re dating a guy, you want him to be someone who will drop everything if you need him. Does he go above and beyond to let you know he’s there for you, no matter what you need?
Naturally, some guys are just better at this emotional side compared to others, but if your guy is refusing to help you even when you ask for it – something is off.
He simply isn’t emotionally invested in you or the relationship.

7. He ghosts you. There’s nothing more frustrating than meeting a guy you really like, getting to know him, then he just disappears out of the blue. He ghosts you. Doesn’t respond to your texts, doesn’t respond to your calls. You simply don’t hear from him.
That is until he comes crawling back a couple of weeks later packed full of excuses. Don’t listen to them.

8. He does not spend on you at all. Worse, if, aside from escaping the bills from your dates and asking money, he never spends a dime on you, it is an obvious sign. The guy is a parasite, and he has no intention of giving back to you.

9. He relies on you financially. Is your boyfriend treating you like an ATM? Does he always ask or borrow money from you and never pay it back at all? Well, this could be the most obvious sign that you have a user for a boyfriend.

10. He ignores you a lot. Do you ever feel taken for granted by your boyfriend? Does it seem like you always have to beg for his attention? If your boyfriend can ignore your messages or will not return calls for days, then the reason is apparent. He only finds it necessary to talk or see you whenever he has a favor to ask from you.

11. Another sign that your boyfriend could only be using you is when you catch him cheating numerous times. If he keeps flirting with others, it means that you are not enough for him, and he does not care about your feelings. He could only be after something from you.

12. He says it is okay for you to see other guys. Is your boyfriend never threatened by the thought of losing you to another man? Does he tell you that he does not care if you like other guys? Unless it is false pride, your boyfriend probably has no affection for you.

13. He does not care about how you feel. A man who truly cares about you would be sensitive to your feelings. He is someone who will be careful not to hurt you in words or actions. He would avoid doing the things he knows you do not like. On the other hand, your boyfriend is only faking it if he never cares if you are hurting or not.

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