12 Definite Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

1. She wants to be your girlfriend if she leans towards you

Studies show that we tend to lean towards people we are attracted to. If you both are sitting and having a conversation and she leans towards you it means that she is simultaneously trying to show her interest in the conversation and also trying to get closer to you. She definitely wants you to notice the change in her body language and wants you to respond to it as well. The closer she leans in, the more evident it is that she likes you more than a friend.

Even if you think she is out of your league, do not ignore the signs. Maybe you think that way she doesn’t.
she leans towards you

2. She wants more from you

You will notice her growing expectations from you. When you make plans with her but end up cancelling them, she will get angry with you. She will also expect you to try to cheer her up. She will call you more often and always take your calls no matter how busy she is. Longer conversations are a definite sign that she has fallen for you. These are her ways of telling you that she doesn’t want to be in the friend zone anymore.

3. She acts like your girlfriend

When she likes you a lot, she has already started imagining you as her boyfriend. This is normal for girls as we all tend to fantasize about our crush being our boyfriend/girlfriend. She will start getting closer to you, will expect more from you, will start striking up conversations about love or relationships,  will try to flirt with you, and even want you to do things for her. It might start feeling like she is already your girlfriend to an extent.

4. She wants to be your girlfriend if she starts giving you nicknames

She gives you cute nicknames

When you tend to move forward from just friends to something more, you start giving each other nicknames. She will try to give you cute nicknames that only she calls you to separate herself from your other friends. She might even blush when she calls you by these names. If she does so, congratulations, she likes you a lot!

5. She leaves things behind

If she comes to your place to visit you,  and candidly leaves something behind on purposes like a hair clip, lipstick, or handkerchief, she’s marking her territory. A clear sign that she wants to be your girlfriend. It also means she plans on coming back.

This could also be a way of her leaving behind something for you to remember her by even when she isn’t around. You could check on whether she definitely wants to be your girlfriend from this article too.

6. She will occasionally touch you

When you both are alone and having a conversation, she might ‘accidentally’ touch your hand or brush your leg multiple times. She will give you a hug more often than she used to. She might even playfully hit you when you tell a lame joke. It is because she is now comfortable with you and does not refrain from physical contact. This is one of the most obvious signs that she wants you to make a move on her.

7. She asks you about your family

One of the sings that she wants to be your girlfriend is that she tends to take an interest in your family. She will want to hear childhood stories, know about your parents and siblings, and get to know you better. She will ask you more questions about your family to understand your relationship with them. This is because she wants you to be her boyfriend and hence wants to get to know you at a deeper level.

8. She will include you in all her plans

If she wants to be your girlfriend, she will want to spend most of her time with you. She will include you in almost all of her plans because she wants you by her side. She might make several plans that only involve you two because she wants some alone time with you to figure out if you feel the same way about her. She wants a relationship and needs to know if you do too. If you have been friends for long, these are the signs that you are turning into lovers now.

9. She remembers the smallest things about you

If she wants to be more than a friend she will pay attention to every minute detail and take care of your smallest needs.  She will not just listen to you, but will also remember what you tell her. She knows things like how you like your morning coffee or the exact thing that will cheer you up when you feel low. If she remembers things you don’t even remember telling her, it is one of the signs that she wants to be your girlfriend. She practically knows everything about you.

10. Future talks? She wants to be your girlfriend then!

She discusses the future with you

Amidst those late-night conversations, she will subtly talk about your future together or joke about you being a couple. If she makes long term future plans with you, she wants a relationship and wants you to be her boyfriend. She may even tease you and will want to analyse your reaction to her suggesting the idea of you both as a couple.

11. She is there for you

A girl who is in love with you will always be there for you through thick and thin. She will be your best friend and confidant and your comfort when you need it the most. She will console you like a partner and stand by you till you feel okay. If she sticks around for the good, bad, and the ugly, she has fallen for you.

12. She confesses her feelings for you

Sometimes when guys can’t figure things out themselves, girls tell them upfront. She has probably dropped enough hints by this point and is tired of waiting for you to make the first move. This takes a lot of courage on her part and she has probably thought is over a billion times in her head. She will tell you she likes you more than a friend and asks you if you feel the same way about her. Do not wait any longer than this to confess your true feelings towards her as well! If you fail to do so at this point, the opportunity is lost for good.

If the girl you like is showing 9 out of these 12 signs, you’re lucky because she definitely doesn’t want to be in the friend zone anymore. The question is whether you’re ready to move forward with her. Don’t wait too long or you might lose her forever. Understand how you feel first before you make your move.

Sometimes men are scared to make the first move as they are afraid they’ll end up ruining a precious friendship they share with their girl. They don’t want to complicate their friendship by acknowledging their feelings as this means risking the friendship in totality. But the truth is, relationships are all about risks and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. She deserves the truth and so do you. Don’t let fear ruin something beautiful that you both could share.

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