12 Danger Signs That Your Partner Is Dangerous

1. easily irritated

Is your significant other easily enraged? You must start thinking now if the person is constantly impatient and has a habit of throwing a fit whenever he or she does not get what he or she wants. How long could you avoid being hurt by that person’s rage?

2. envious

If your partner is a jealous person, you may be in jeopardy as well. If s/he is constantly checking on your whereabouts and who you are with, you can assume that s/he is jealous. Also, that person is unlikely to like you talking to or being friends with someone of the opposite sex. Can you stand it for the rest of your life? What happens if his or her jealousy spirals out of control?]

3. Maintaining control

In regards to number two, your partner is likely to expect you to tell him/her every detail of your waking hours. S/he is interested in your daily activities, who you speak with, where you go and with whom, and when you return home. Furthermore, that person must have the final say in any decision you make. You must also obtain permission for anything you wish to do.

4. Irrational

If your partner is not only a control freak, but also enjoys manipulating situations to his or her advantage, he or she is very dangerous. This type of person can lie without blinking to persuade anyone to do whatever he or she wants. S/he can even manipulate situations to make things go his way.

5. Self-absorbed

A self-centered individual is also dangerous. Everything has to be about him/her, and he/she may be unconcerned about your needs. You may be in a toxic relationship if you have this type of partner. Your partner’s needs would always take precedence over your own, and you might fall short. You may face retaliation from your partner if this occurs. Furthermore, you cannot rely on your partner to protect you because he or she is only concerned with himself or herself.

6. Disrespectful

If your partner has no regard for your feelings or worth, it can be disastrous for you. Expect to lose your self-esteem and self-respect during your relationship. You are sacrificing your self-worth by remaining with the person. The last thing you want is to completely lose yourself in order to save a relationship with someone who takes you for granted.

7. Disobedient

A rebellious person is someone who defies authority and frequently gets in trouble as a result of it. What else could your boyfriend or girlfriend do if he has a slew of traffic tickets, is a frequent visitor to the guidance counselor’s office for misbehavior, or has been in and out of jail? Furthermore, how certain are you that if that person was a thorn in his or her parents’ sides as a child, s/he will not be problematic in the future?

8. Importance

Is your partner constantly saying something negative to you? Is he constantly slamming the government, his neighbors, professors, coworkers–everyone–including you? If your boyfriend or girlfriend never sees the positive side of others, he or she could be a very toxic person to be around. It’s not surprising that he/she is constantly at odds with others, given his/her attitude. Being in the company of someone who has a lot of enemies could put your safety in jeopardy.

9. Dishonest

Being in a relationship with someone who has cheated on you numerous times is hazardous to your mental and emotional well-being. Cheating is not an accident, especially if he or she chooses to do it repeatedly. You’d be wondering what’s wrong with you or why, in the long run, you’re not enough. If you adore the person, the pain may be too much for you to bear. It has the potential to cause depression and other negative consequences.

10. Deceitful

In relation to number 9, catching your partner lying to you multiple times can have a negative emotional impact. The psychological conflict between wanting to trust him/her and being unable to do so can be mentally draining. It would be extremely stressful to lie in bed each night, wondering what else your partner might be concealing. The person is, once again, a threat to your mental health.

11. Requirements

Having a demanding boyfriend or girlfriend can also be a warning sign. It’s possible that the person is using force to get what he or she wants from you. Threats could also be used to persuade you to do what s/he wants. If this describes your relationship, it’s time to take a step back and consider whether you’re on the verge of something more dangerous.

12. Irresponsible

With an irresponsible partner, how can you be in danger? You and your future children are in danger of living a life you never imagined for yourself. Choosing to stay with the person could have a cascading effect, obliterating your chances of living a fulfilling life. For example, you may become pregnant unexpectedly, and because your partner is unreliable, you may find yourself unable to care for your child while working. You would eventually run out of time to pursue your own ambitions.

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