11 Things every woman want in a man especially number 5 and 11

11 Things every woman want in a man especially number 5 and 11

Women want many things in a relationship; sometimes it’s not about the money, the material things, the fun, or the making of love; all of these things are important to a woman, but women want more; every woman wants to be happy, every woman wants to be respected, and every woman wants to be valued and appreciated.

Ladies are created to love; they believe in love so strongly that they are willing to go to great lengths for it. When a woman loves you, she want more love and feelings. She requires your time, attention, and conversation, as well as your care and provision. Taking care of your girlfriend is not a job; it is your role as a man, and you should be proud of yourself for doing so. Love her and do the simple things you know she wants, and your relationship will last a long time.

1. Reliability and trustworthiness. You should avoid committing to any relationship if you are not a person who keeps to one person. Every female fantasises of having a loving and committed partner. Refusing to fall in to the temptation of hooking up with someone else is being faithful. Meanwhile, devotion necessitates being at her side even if you believe there are better girls available.

In summary, when you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t try to check out other girls or flirt with them. You must set limits on how you interact with other ladies. You can be unmarried for the rest of your life if you can’t commit.

2. Patience and understanding. Girls want companions who are patient and understanding. As previously said, women are complicated primarily due to hormonal abnormalities. They can be sweet and caring at times, but irritable and volatile at others. You may end up hurting or breaking up with your girlfriend if you don’t understand women’s nature.

If you want your partner to be more patient and understanding, watch what you say when she’s having a temper tantrum. Allow her to unwind and simply talk when both of you are at peace.

3. Respect is also very important in a partnership. In every aspect of her life, your girl expects and deserves respect from you. You must hold her values and principles in high regard. Also, don’t put any sexual pressure on her. Don’t threaten to abandon her simply because she won’t commit to you. True love has been patiently waiting for you.

You should respect your partner’s choices as well. Don’t put pressure on her with your demands and opinions. Allow her to choose her own path and make her own decisions. You can only make suggestions; she must ultimately make the final decision.

4. Love and affection are the foundations. Whether they are newly married or have been married for a few years, women seek affection in their relationships. They want to feel valued and loved by their husbands.
As an ideal husband, you should spend quality time with your wife. Pay attention to her minor desires and be courteous to her. Men should make an effort to be sweet in their words and kind in their actions.

5. As a man, be a good bed partner; sex is just as important to women as it is to men. They want a sexually active male who can give them the pleasure of mating. We can assure you that she will not let go of your hand. Having an active se’x life in a marriage keeps the spark alive.

6. Women want to be able to be themselves. The freedom to just be is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to a woman in your relationship. It’s not about allowing her to be herself. There’s a lot more to it than that. It’s about allowing her to be who she is. There’s a reason we’re called “human beings.”

The word ‘being’ encompasses a lot more than meets the eye. It’s about a deeper sense of meaning that has nothing to do with improving the world.
Being is about accepting situations and people as they are and understanding that some things are beyond our control; it’s about not worrying about things we can’t change; it’s about surrendering to life’s randomness and letting fate work its magic. That is what being entails.
And not everyone has the ability to do so. When you allow her to be herself, she will be the contented person you both deserve, and you will be as well.

7. Don’t be embarrassed by your flaws. Nothing captures a woman’s heart quite like a good man striving to improve. “Women value personal development and admire a man who is thoughtful and compassionate.”
They appreciate it when their husbands recognise and attempt to correct a flaw, such as a quick temper or a frequent melancholy attitude after work.

8. It is critical to treat yourself to some pampering. Every now and then. Breakfast in bed, a cup of coffee on a quiet Sunday morning, or a small gift or flowers delivered unexpectedly are all possibilities. Despite our complaints that we don’t like corny things, we enjoy these things. Nothing would make us happier than if you actually did it.

Women are on the lookout for chemistry. Have you ever been rejected by a woman because you didn’t have enough chemistry? This is something you should seriously consider.

Males attract women for reasons other than money or physical attractiveness. A woman’s emotional and sexual attraction to you determines how strongly she is drawn to you at first. This attracts them to you and encourages them to invest in you.
It all depends on how engaged you can keep her, how in-depth you can converse with her, and how energised you can make her feel while talking.

Women want their men to form a stronger bond with them and develop a meaningful relationship with them.

10. Attractive men appeal to women; they want to be with a man who is attractive and enticing to them. Nobody wants to date an unattractive person. No one wants to date someone who is unattractive. It may sound shallow and superficial, but no one wants to date someone who is unattractive. It has nothing to do with your physical appearance.

11. Women want an honest man, a trustworthy man, a man they can trust; however, the most important thing a woman wants is a friend; she wants you to be her friend; she wants you to be her best friend; she wants you to be just a friend; don’t be complicated; she wants you to be yourself.

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