11 Indications That God Is Pushing You Towards Something Better

1. You have the opportunity to learn or improve your skills.
If you’ve been given the opportunity to learn or improve a skill, consider why you’re devoting time to it. Are you just learning it for fun or out of curiosity? Or is it because you know it will come in handy soon? If your enthusiasm for that skill grows on a daily basis, it’s possible that it’s meant to be a part of you. How much more if you master it? It is not by chance that you have mastered a skill that necessitates extensive study, hard work, and dedication.

If God wants you to do something bigger, He will undoubtedly equip you for it. As a result, place a premium on the skills in which you excel. They are the Lord’s gifts, and you must be good stewards of them. That is, you should use them in a way that will bring glory to God.

2. You Have a Series of Failures.
Are you currently discouraged as a result of recent failures? Does it seem as if nothing you do is successful? Maybe it’s not because you’re incapable of succeeding. It’s because God most likely doesn’t want you to be successful in a certain area. He wants you to be successful in a better place, not because He doesn’t want you to be successful.

As a result, if you’ve recently had a string of failures, talk to God. Inquire of Him about the lessons learned from your mistakes. Is all you have to do now is improve? Do you have to relocate?

3. You are subjected to rejection.
A series of rejections is another sign that God is leading you in a different direction. Maybe you’ve been putting in a lot of effort to fit into a group or organization. They will not accept you, regardless of what you do. Or perhaps you’ve managed to become a part of it, but you’ve always felt out of place. Is this a sign that something is wrong with you?

Why not try to see things from God’s perspective instead of blaming yourself for these rejections? What could be the reason He forbids you from joining that group? Well, if you carefully follow His instructions, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a better place where you are completely at home.

4. You’re aware that God is asking you to let go of something.
Are you being persuaded by God to let go of something? A toxic relationship or a job that requires you to participate in corruption could be the cause. It could also be a dream that isn’t from Him. When God asks you to surrender something, completely trust and obey Him. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding,” says Proverbs 3:5.

Usually, God will ask you to let go of something because it is preventing you from achieving God’s plan for your life, which is always better than your own. Obeying the Lord in this way may be difficult because it necessitates sacrifice, but it is unquestionably worthwhile.

5. You have lost interest in your current position or field.
Have you lost interest in what you do, such as your job or your ministry? For example, you could have been so invested in it for a long time that your entire world revolved around it. Then you probably no longer enjoy it, and it appears that you have to drag your feet just to keep working.

If this is how you feel right now, you need to evaluate yourself. You could be exhausted and burnt out, or it could be a sign that you are transitioning to a different season. However, before concluding that you must leave, assess yourself and pray to God for wisdom.

6. You are agitated or excited.
Furthermore, something else may be reviving your interest these days. You may not know what it is yet, but you have a feeling you are about to encounter something extraordinary. It could be the cause of your lack of enthusiasm for your current commitment. You have a strong feeling that you are being called to a new one. As a result, you’re antsy and can’t wait to get started.

If this is happening to you, you need to devote more time to prayer. It is critical to determine whether God is truly calling you to relocate or if you are simply bored. You should also seek the advice of mature believers who can provide sound advice.

7. You notice new doors opening in front of you.
The availability of better opportunities is a clear indication that God is pushing you to a higher level. You can consider this a foregone conclusion, especially if you have previously experienced failures or rejections.

Of course, you must still confirm whether or not it is God’s will. Not all good things come from the Lord. Some are simply designed to divert your attention away from God’s true plan for your life. That is why you must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

8. You’re driven to better yourself.
If you have begun to recognize the need to improve yourself, you can say that God wants you to climb higher. It’s not about competing with others or gaining fame and fortune. Instead, it is to use your life to glorify God. Knowing you’re serving the King of Kings gives you the desire to be the best you can be for Him.

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect,” Matthew 5:48 says. To reflect God’s glory, this verse encourages us to strive for perfection. Of course, we will never be perfect while on this planet, but we can strive to improve and become better, bringing us closer to perfection.

9. You meet people who inspire you to strive for more.
If you’ve recently been surrounded by people who inspire you to dream bigger, this could be another sign. It is not by chance that you run into certain people. There is something known as divine connection, and God will allow you to meet people who can help you with your purpose or calling.

What do you need to do to meet those people? They are most likely placed in your life by God so that you can learn from them. He may also use them to provide opportunities for you to relocate to a better location.

10. Your circumstances are pressuring you to make a change.
The situation in which you find yourself can also indicate whether you should leave or stay. God can use your circumstances to persuade you to follow His lead.

God, for example, has most likely been prompting you to relocate. You, on the other hand, are unlikely to want to leave your comfort zone. As a result, the Lord will allow a crisis to occur in order for you to decide to leave.

Take a Risk in Faith
Be excited if it is now clear to you that God is pushing you toward something better. The process may not be easy or quick, but it is well worth the effort. Step out in faith and follow God’s lead. You will undoubtedly end up somewhere you only fantasized about.

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