10 Ways to know he’s not one for you, don’t continue loving him

10 Ways to know he’s not one for you, don’t continue loving him

The consequences of dating the wrong man can be disastrous. Many women are prone to falling in love with the wrong guys, which is often not their fault but what they mistakenly believe is the cause of the problem. I’m not trying to make something up, but I do want to be honest in my writing.

1. A man who treats you horribly or makes you sad on a regular basis is not good for you; as a lady who believes in love and marriage, you should think about your future; would you be unhappy every day of your life? Someone who loves you will avoid doing anything that will make you sad, while someone who enjoys making you unhappy is not the ideal person for you.

2. Stop believing the nonsense; good men, men who do not cheat on their wives, still exist. If a man continues to cheat on you, you should not marry or date him.

3. A man who disrespects you is not for you; we all know that men like it when women respect them; nevertheless, if you respect your man and he does not respect and honour you, that man is not for you; everyone deserves respect; thus, stop spending time with men who do not respect women.

4. If you discover that the man you’re dating has a negative attitude toward everyone, especially women, he’ll treat you like garbage, and you don’t want him in your life.

5. Being with a man who does not believe in God and does not fear God is the worst thing you can do in life; being with such a man puts your life in peril.

6. You actually care for him and believe in true happiness and love, but he does not. What are you going to do with a man who rejects love and marriage? There’s a good chance you’ll get hurt soon.

7. A man who thinks there’s nothing wrong with a man cheating on a woman would cheat on you as well. His reaction suggests how he will handle you when you bring up the subject of adultery.

8. A man who does not esteem your opinion, who does not value you, who does not love you will never regard you or your opinion; anything you say will be meaningless to him, and he will always treat you harshly and look down on you.

9. While love is important, remaining with a slacker puts your family in danger. If you are a lazy man who does not want to do anything substantial with his life, such an attitude will frustrate you in the future.

10. Love is lovely, but loving someone who loves you even more so. He’s not the man for you if he beats you up, abuses you, and treats you badly. A man who beats you up in courting will continue to beat you up in marriage, and one of the things you shouldn’t accept or suffer in a relationship is beating.

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