10 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Faithful and She’s Not Cheating on You

1. She confides in you her deepest secrets.
You’re her best friend as well as her lover. If she feels comfortable sharing her deepest and most personal thoughts with you, it means she regards you as someone important and deserving of her trust.

In other words, it’s an act of her opening herself up to you, revealing her vulnerability, because she believes she can trust you just as much as you can trust her.

2. She Almost Always Attempts To Impress You.
She always tries to show you the best and most unique aspects of herself – not that she needs to, because you already know she’s incredible.

Nonetheless, she is constantly trying to impress you by doing or showing something. Make certain you acknowledge and appreciate her efforts.

3. You’ve Infiltrated Her Social Media Account.
While some girls do not enjoy sharing their love lives on social media, others find it sweet and romantic to express their love and affection through their social media status – and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you’re on her social media account pages almost every day, you can be sure she’s into you and isn’t afraid to tell the world.

4. She introduces you to her family and friends.
You’re a member of her family, and you’re well-versed in her social circle, and she’s always eager to introduce you to everyone she knows.

She’ll never keep you or your relationship a secret because she considers having you in her life to be a source of pride.

5. She is always wanting to talk and hang out.
Every day – and no matter how many times you talk about the same things, she’ll show an unending enthusiasm and interest in even the most mundane and ordinary topics you can think of.

She’ll never get tired of being with you, exploring new places and simply having fun.

6. She is always and consistently truthful.
She’s never lied about the things that mattered to her, especially when it comes to your relationship – even if it’s something that could be harmful to both of you.

She understands that a relationship built and sustained on lies will never last.

7. Her way of looking at you melts your heart.
It doesn’t have to be in words, and she isn’t even required to act. The way she looks at you will tell you that you and no one else is the love of her life.

The eyes cannot lie because they are the windows to the soul, and if you ever start to doubt her, just look at her and you’ll find your answer.

8. She Prioritizes Your Relationship.
She is aware of her priorities and will always prioritize you. To put it another way, she will not do or make any decisions that could jeopardize what you have. She recognizes the importance of her family and career, but she also believes that you and your relationship deserve equal attention.

You’re not just a part of her romantic life; you’re also a constant and necessary part of her daily routine. She’ll always make time for you, no matter how busy she is.

9. She plays her role – and she plays it well.
She understands her role in the relationship as your girlfriend, and she will go out of her way to fulfill it, not because she feels obligated, but because she truly wants to.

She values being in a relationship and will be there for you not just as a lover or a friend, but as a faithful and loyal life partner.

10. She is there for you even when you are at your lowest.
One of the litmus tests for true love is whether someone is still there for you even when you’re at your lowest. If your girlfriend is there for you when you’re at your lowest, supporting and loving you even if it means putting herself in danger, you’re the luckiest person in the world.

She’d rather be with you during your darkest hours than somewhere bright and sunny. Even if she can easily find happiness with someone less damaged and more optimistic, she will never leave your side. Instead of looking for someone “better,” she will always accept you at your worst and help you heal.

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