10 Signs And Feelings That Indicate She Is In Love With You

1. She wants complete commitment

When it comes to relationships, the intense desire to be someone’s only one is quite natural. Women are strong and independent, and they aren’t willing to open their hearts and lives to just about anyone. If she is ready to let you in, it is one of the signs she loves you.

A woman will want a man to be committed to her emotionally and physically unless they both are talking about an open relationship. And even then, she desires commitment from her primary partner and despite the arrangement, at the end of the day, he has to belong to her.

A readiness to commit and expecting you to reciprocate is her way of telling you that she is prepared to go all-in and stand by your side through the journey of life. If you meet her halfway and commit without hesitation or reservations, she will make good on her promise, come what may.

2. She wants intimacy

Intimacy among couples is a dynamic and ever-evolving phenomenon. Every couple attains different stages of intimacy, graduating from one level to the next as they get to know each other better and the connection between them becomes deeper.

When she loves you deeply, she would work to establish the highest level of intimacy with you. She sends out that message through subtle non-verbal cues such as her willingness to be physically close to you in public. Holding your hand when walking down the street or choosing to sit next to you and grabbing your arm is hers is her way of showing that she shares a certain comfort level with you.

A surprise peck on the cheek when you are looking the other way is a dead giveaway of her feelings for you. If she does this, you can count it among the signs she is madly in love with you.

3. She believes in the concept of ‘us’

Well, this one is a given when she is crazy in love with you. When a woman truly falls for you, she inevitably starts imagining what it’d be like to build and share a life with you. All her plans and actions are formulated with room for you and you should be ready to handle it like a grownup.

This is a very important step to creating a stronghold for your relationship, which also clearly exhibits her seriousness in terms of commitment, and for her, the concept of ‘us’ becomes more and more real as her feelings for you grow strong.

She isn’t a clingy girlfriend but she likes the fact that you are a couple. When a girl is in love, she would love to do things together and you have to understand her needs and give her what she wants.

4. She believes in actions more than words

Actions speak louder than words and a woman will put up the most fearsome fight to make her emotional attachment known. She knows how to say “I love” you without saying it.

One of the signs a girl loves you is that she will stand with you and by you no matter what. Even if it’s you against the world, you know you can count on her to be on your team. If you already know that special woman in your life to be your biggest support system and cheerleader, there is no room for doubt that she loves you deeply.

This is also her feisty way of telling you that it’s a two-way street and you have to meet her halfway. Fulfilling primary promises can be one of the firsts, followed by more serious fidelity.

5. She will love you for your quirks

The idiosyncrasies that bother you or your friends or your family don’t bother her. In fact, she finds them endearing for she knows that these quirks are what make you the person she fell in love with. She will end up loving you and your conspicuous eccentricities alike.

She will put away the judgments and accept you wholeheartedly for whoever you are and you should be grateful for that. She will be willing to look past your past mistakes and help you build yourself up from scratch, every time you fall.

The woman who falls in love will never make a mockery of how you choose to exhibit yourself in public. Even when everyone else leaves the party, she will be the one who stays back for you and with you. Her acceptance of who you are is among the signs a girl loves you.

6. She will go the extra mile for you

The quirks and falls she sees in you may sow in her mind some doubts and apprehensions but she is willing to risk it. When she loves you deeply, she will go out of her way to make you feel at ease, accepted and appreciated in her own little ways.

She will silently learn about all your needs and habits – the way you like your coffee, the pattern of your sleep, the space you need to work – and do whatever she can to accommodate your needs.

This understanding and her will to make more and more room in her life for you will grow as your connection deepens. At the same time, she may also start staking her claim on your time, pushing for doing more and more stuff together. This is not because she’s too clingy or needy but because she wants to get to know all of you and be prime support in every emotional roller coaster you face.

Her desire to become a part of your life is just one of the many signs she loves you.

7. She shows you her other side

Unleashing her inner child is the epitome of her being comfortable with you. If she seems perfectly confident in her skin around you and does not hesitate to bring out her immature side or confides in you with the little things that bug her, know that she loves you deeply.

This might take some time and will manifest only when your bond rests on a solid foundation of trust, respect and confidentiality. But once she gets there, her love will only grow more solid and stronger. One of the signs she is madly in love with you is that she will let her guard down completely, and let you see her vulnerabilities, flaws, weaknesses, quirks.

8. She wants an emotional connection

Her need for an emotional connection stems from her love for you

Once she goes all-in with the commitment, it is only fair that she expects certain things in return. It need not be the extravagance of fancy new things or lavishing her with gifts, but a more complementary emotional intimacy, interactive discussions about individual wants and definitely directly requited feelings.

When a girl is crazy in love with you, it’s only natural that she’d want a deeply intimate emotional connection with you.

Do not leave her hanging midway and do not sugar coat your stands. When a woman is in love, she looks for transparency more than anything else. She will appreciate your brutal honesty above all else. Hand out your thoughts and she will handle them like the iron lady she is.

9. She will live her life for you

One of the surefire signs she is madly in love with you is that she will reform herself, both literally and figuratively. She will be meticulous about how she looks, feels and expresses herself.

This does not indicate her faking to you but her putting in more than her best effort to make her feel you’re worth all of the painstaking selection of clothes and accessories. Even if she isn’t self-conscious around you, she will enthusiastically dedicate a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to look her very best for you.

10. She will long for you

She will be vocal about your absence. Being expressive about her emotions doesn’t come easily to her. Never take this phase lightly for this is among the signs she is madly in love with you.

If she comes out directly with the “I miss you” and “this happened, I wish you were here”, you are into the most momentous realm where she does not care about her vulnerability. You have become such an intimate part of her life that she builds up the courage to freely confess her emotional turmoil and longing to you.

For her, there is no going back from here. She loves you deeply and has chosen you as the one for her. That is all that matters for her. You are a lucky man!

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